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Cover Letters — To be or not to be?

Do I really need to write cover letters?

Cover letters. To write or not to write?

1. No. Don’t write cover letters.

Do not write those archaic long-form cover letters 1–2 pages long.

2. Yes. DO write Cover Letters.

If a company gives you an opportunity to pitch, take it.


Always go an extra click.

A cover letter is a cold email.

Hi Martin,

Loved your LinkedIn post this week. 22 years! This is insane. Being a Jr. Tech Recruiter with only 1 year of experience I am intimidated sometimes when I talk to Senior Leaders in the Talent space but your story is inspirational and I can tell that you are “rooting for the underdogs” so I thought I’d reach out.

Not sure if you are hiring for your team at the moment but it would be great if we could connect a quick phone call. I love tech and love hiring devs (hired 25 in my first year).

My resume is attached. I know you are super busy. I would be grateful if you could take a look! Totally cool if the timing is off. But if you find 8 min for a quick phone call, would love to put the voice to the name :)


Writing that converts is always thoughtful writing. Put some thought into it and you will see results.

I’m on a mission to enable 1M humans to actualize their full potential and live a Purpose-Driven Life.



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