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5 min readSep 23, 2023

Read this if being effective in your job-hunting process is something that is important to you.

Updated: November 2023

First, I want to address all the messages we (recruiters) receive on a daily basis:

“Hi, how are you?”

I am fine, thanks for asking. Hope you are well too.

“Do you have any opportunities for XYZ?”

All opportunities I facilitate are posted on our careers page 👉 Caseware Careers

If you see a role where you can do 80% of the job, you are welcome to apply and get in touch with me on LinkedIn.

“Let me know if you have any opportunities that fit my profile.”

Finding you a job is not my priority. It is yours.

As a recruiter, my job is to find people for jobs. Not jobs for people.

As a coach, my job is to teach you how to fish. Not fish for you.

“Please keep my profile in mind.”

I won’t. The truth is I will forget about you 5 min after your message.

I have never met you. We have never spoken. Why would I keep you in mind that is already occupied with hundreds of people with whom I have actual relationships.

“Here is my resume. Can you give me some feedback?


If you are ready to invest in 1:1 coaching, my rates are here 👉 My Topmate Page.

“I don’t have money and I want you to help me for free.”

This article is free and is written for you.

I have also created a digital course on Job Hunting, that I now give away for free. You will find the link below. ↓

“I am interested in your role…”

Great. Apply online on our careers page. Make sure you can do the job. You can text me after you apply if you believe that it’s a perfect fit.

“I want to understand how to communicate effectively with Talent Partners”.

Congrats. You are ahead of 99% of candidates out there. Check this:
How to communicate with Talent Acquisition Partners [video]

“I am outside of Canada. Can I get a job first and immigrate after?”

No. Your chances are next to zero. Why? Plenty of talent in Canada.
Unless you are an absolute “unicorn” 🦄, meaning a super-niche specialist with unique skillset that local companies simply can’t find in Canada, you won’t get sponsored for a visa.

I have experience facilitating LMIA sponsorship for a candidate before, it is an expensive, tedious and time-consuming process. I would do it again only if I have to (meaning: if I can’t find talent in the geos where we operate).

Now that we got this out of the way. I have a question.

Do you want to get a job?

Don’t need to respond.

Your ‘Yes’ will mean nothing to me.

Your own life, your own actions, will be the answer to this question.

Here is some food for thought:


↑ Read this again.

The only true reflection of how smart you really are is the reality you were able to build for yourself.

This tweet has two direct implications.

  1. Can you use your intelligence to get what you want in life?
  2. Do you have the intelligence to figure out what is it you really want in life?

Have you ever played an RPG game before?

Here is a mental model for you to entertain:

  • Life is a single-player game.
  • You are the Protagonist.
  • Intelligence is the Ultimate Attribute.

You can convert your Intelligence into any other characteristic: Physical Strength, Mental Strength, Relationships, Skills, Spiritual Growth, Career and Money.

If your Desire is Sincere, you will be seeking ways to be more effective in gaining and applying your Intelligence to get what you want in life. (Not that you should. If it is in you, it is in you. If it is not, it is not.)

My job is to facilitate that process.

So here are the resources I have created for candidates.

My digital course on Job Hunting is now Free.

Here is the link.

10 hours of coaching.

3000$+ value.

No strings attached.

All I am asking in return is to share my content with people in your network who might need this info.

If you are interested in joining Caseware:

To operate like a recruiter:


Cover letters:


Linkedin Profile 3.0. Self-Audit Checklist [2023 edition]

Communication and Networking Skills:


Feel free to drop me a DM if you studied the content and couldn’t find the answer to the question. I will make sure I cover it in the future.

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