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No matter how high you fly, your fall can be just around the corner.

For me, this is Kobe’s biggest legacy. I couldn’t care less about 10 people running around the court with a ball even when they do it spectacularly well. And no. I am not sorry and I don’t care about the hate of basketball fans. What matters for me is the food for thought. And the death of Kobe, little Gianna, and other people in that damn helicopter gave me plenty.

#1. Do you really love what you do?

And if the answer is ‘no’, there is a fundamental error in the direction you move. Because it really doesn’t make sense to spend your lifetime on anything else. Go out there and do what you love. Choose a line of work that matches your personality type. Serve people. Make a priority to deliver and maximize your value. It is never too late to start something new — something that would truly excite you and bring fulfillment into your life. Give yourself internal permission to walk your own path on Earth — the one that is unique, amusing, and good exclusively for you. Because that is the only path worth stepping on, that is the only path worth walking.

#2. Is the thing that you are chasing right now is worth chasing?

Everything is just a game. You are out there on the playground for big children carried away by the whirlwind of decorations, faces, and life situations, and you are so fascinated and mesmerized by the play that you completely forget that “mother can call you home” anytime.

#3. Are you doing your best in the present moment?

Give your best to whatever you do wherever you are. If you work, work. If you wash floors, wash floors. If you are listening to another person, listen like nothing else in this world but this person matters to you. Supercharge your senses by a conscious effort and channel all your attention to what lies in front of you.

#4. What will be your legacy?

We are humans. We are egocentric beings. Only the best of us are disciplined enough to awaken from the illusion of false ego and stay awakened throughout life.

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