What I learned from writing 3000+ words every day during one month

Lessons from writing 35 essays in 30 days, thoughts about Quora and personal mindset.

I was always fairly good at speaking at least in my mother tongue. Being a Russian speaker was one factor that made me hesitate a lot about writing in English.

Everyone is a writer today.

We write emails, text messages, Facebook posts, articles, blogs, answers on Quora. We self-publish books and build up our followership.

What if I write 30 essays in 30 days?

So I started to write.

1. Writing is hard.

2. I CAN write.

3. Writing keeps me humble.

Here is what I also learned:

I suck at English.

I suck at writing.

I suck at formulating my thoughts.

4. I get better at it.

Slowly. Very slowly. Like first unconfident steps of a baby child, bits by bits, but I am getting better.

Writing is a deep work.

It is impossible to get it done if I don’t use all of my discipline to keep my ass in one place for several hours and just keep writing without distractions.

Writing helps me to think.

The very nature of thoughts and the fact that we don’t think in sentences but images make the inner formulation abrupt.

Writing helps me to study English.

Language complicates my writing. Having English as a second language I have to use many external sources.

Rome was not built in a day.

Writing gives me a reason to wake up.

These days I wake up at 5:30 am, have my protein shake as a breakfast and I start writing.

Writing is a therapy.

Writing is somewhat similar to meditation. I can’t do it if I am not present. I need to have the highest focus and channel my attention to the words.

5. Just publish ffs!

“For Fuck’s Sake!”

was the reply.

6. Short sentences are good.

I avoided using short sentences at first. I thought that using them makes my language dock-tailed. This is another beginner misconception which may lead to another extreme of writing in an exaggerated and poetic style.

7. White space is my friend.

I like blogging style writing. It transforms reading experience into something very similar to dialogue.

8. Quora is a bliss.

Once I discovered it for myself I fell in love.

I see dumb people.

There are extremely smart people on Quora

I can read the answers of the smartest CEOs of Silicon Valley, writers who have achieved success and recognition, politicians and even scientists though academics are usually very reluctant to write answers due to the high population of not-so-intelligent Quorans.

9. No one cares about my writing

10. Not yet.

In one of the articles on Medium, I read that one should write about a million words in order to become somewhat good at it.

1,000,000 words/2000 words per day = 500 days

I need roughly 1.5 years of constant writing. 500 essays to get to a decent level.

The path unfolds itself under the steps of a walking man.

Writing is just another part of a life journey that I plan to enjoy.


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