Transurfing of Reality in a nutshell

12 golden rules of Transurfing. How to shape your reality and make your wishes come true

In a nutshell, Transurfing is a model of seeing and controlling the world.

It works. Proven in practice.

1. The Space of Variations.

The eradiation of mental energy induces the materialization of the variation.

2. Pendulums

In order to get rid of a pendulum, first, you need to admit that it exists and it has a right to do so. You have to calm down and lose interest towards it i.e. ignore it. By doing so you will deprive it of your mental energy.

3. The Wave of Luck

By accepting and transmitting the negative energy you create your individual hell.

By accepting and transmitting the positive energy you create your individual heaven.

4. Excessive potentials

In order to get in balance with the outside world, have freedom from pendulums and freely fulfill your desires — one needs to reduce the importance.

5. Induced transition

Do not let any negative information into your layer of the world, intentionally ignore it, deprive it of attention and don’t engage with interest.

6. Rustle of Morning Stars

It is necessary to listen to the state of spiritual discomfort. If you have to persuade yourself, then the Soul says “no”.

7. The Current of Variations

In accordance with the principle of moving with the current, everything should be done in the easiest and simplest way.

8. Intent

  • The Internal Intention is the intention to do something by ourselves, to influence the world around us by focusing our intention on the process of our movement to a goal.
  • The External Intention is the choice of the line of life in the Space of Variations. This is the “green light” of the self-realization of the variation of reality. It’s a focus on how the circumstances align themselves so that the goal realizes itself.

The Internal Intention (our determination) must be directed towards the unity of the Soul and of the Mind. Our wishes are realized by the External Intention, i.e. intention to own, our deep belief and concentration on how the goal is realized by itself. “

9. Slides

Create yourself a positive slide pleasant to your soul and mind. Do not look at the slide as a picture, but live in it, at least virtually. Often look through your slide and add new details.

10. Visualization

Visualization in Transurfing is a vision of the process of realizing the current stage on the way to the goal.

11. The Soul Fraile

Your Soul Fraile is the Holy Grail within you. In order to tune your mind to your Soul Fraile, you need to convince yourself that your soul is worthy of love in the first place.

12. Goals and Doors

Happiness comes during the journey to Your Goal through Your Door.

Your Goal is something that gives you real pleasure, something that gives a feeling of joy, a feeling of a feast of life.

Your Door is the path towards your goal on which you feel fascinated and inspired.

  • live by the dictates of your soul;
  • bring the soul and the mind into harmony;
  • do not yield to extraneous influences that impose other people’s goals;
  • do not fight with anyone or anything (including yourself);
  • use what life offers you;
  • be afraid of nothing;
  • choose your path and act consistently — and everything will turn out.



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