The True Nature of your Comfort Zone

Chengeer Lee
10 min readOct 28, 2023
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One of my coachees came to me with the following problem.

I am stuck in my comfort zone. I have a 6-figure salary, in a reputable organization, but the job itself is not stretching me. I feel that I can do this job with my eyes closed. It’s a pretty complex stuff. I know that not many people can do what I do. But what I did in my past role before immigrating to Canada was my ideal role. It was multifunctional, super-sophisticated.

I know I am not realizing my full potential. There are no internal opportunities. I can get a promotion only if my manager gets a new role but he is not looking to leave the organization. So I am stuck at this level and I am not sure if I need to create new opportunities for myself.

I have applied for multiple jobs but got rejected after finals. So right now I am not even trying. I think — what is the point? I spend so much time on applications, interviews and case studies, but at the end I don’t get the offer. I think I better spend the time with my daughter instead of blindly applying online.

I left home with the feeling of guilt. I am the youngest of three children and we all left our old and sick mother back home. She was my biggest supporter. I feel bad. I am a horrible daughter.

Coaching Notes

On Money

Having money only solves your money problems. It doesn’t solve all your problems.

Does it matter really if what you do day in and day out if it does not fulfil you?

I have interviewed thousands of people. No one I met who was at a top performance level ever told me that they are in their profession for the money.

If I asked you “Remember when you delivered your best work. What was driving you? Was it money?” The answer is always — definitely not. Money is external motivator. We perform our best when there is an internal motivator that works through us.

This is the Truth.

Life is suffocating without Purpose.

We have to dedicate ourselves to something that we find meaningful. Otherwise, what are we living for?



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