The Price of Not Knowing

Chengeer Lee
2 min readNov 2, 2023
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You will pay for what you don’t know. 💵

It is easy to think about everything using the concept of money.

To every product or service your mind gives you an instant judgment:

🧠 “Well, how much it is gonna co$t me?”


Just entertain this thought for a second. 💭

What you are not paying for costs you more than money.

It costs you your life.

→ In coaching we call it “a price of not knowing”.

Something that you don’t know today can cost you a lot.

→ It costs you your self-esteem.

→ Low self-esteem bleeds into your communication.

→ It costs you the opportunities that you can’t convert because of your communication.

→ It costs you years of working mediocre jobs with mediocre organizations because you convinced yourself that you couldn’t do better.

→ It costs you months of life spent in turmoil when you get laid off because you can’t shake that bitter feeling that you were mistreated.

❓ What if I told you that it can be different?

That what you don’t know stands between you and the level of consciousness at which the very concept of self-esteem makes no sense.

What if I told you that you can be grounded in such a profound Inner Truth that you would show up so powerfully it would blow people away?

💭 A high-achiever like you should never settle for mediocrity.

That’s not my words.

That is you — whispering to yourself when you are alone and no one is watching.

And you are right.

But you are still willing to pay the price.

The price of not knowing.



Chengeer Lee

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