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The best things in life are not things

There are tons of “I wish I knew when I was younger” articles on the internet teaching young people about the life lessons of elders. Understanding that the best things in life are not things is one of them.


We will not remember the material things that we filled up our lives with.

We will judge about the quality of our lives by the quality and depth of our relationships.

I love Quora because there are so many things a person can learn about life from those who lived it up to the finish line. I love Quora for accomplishing where many startups failed — bringing people back to reading.

Does it matter? Will it matter a year from now? 3 years? 10?

And the answers that I find usually dissipate the matter of my doubts. I understood too late what are the best and the most important things in life.


I recently moved out to the new apartment and the number of possessions struck me. I formulated something that I would call a law of filling:

It doesn’t matter how big your home is, after some time it will be full of stuff.

Recently, I made a decision to get rid of the things that fill up my life. I decided that I will throw out everything and will buy nothing that doesn’t contribute value to my life. I started a decluttering challenge and I can say that 10 days in I feel so much better.

Our parents.

The time flies. They don’t get any younger. I am angry at myself that I live in another country and I will never be able to return the day that I didn’t live by their side.

Spend time with your parents.

If you can come to their house — go and help them. If you can’t meet them — call them. Tell them that you love them. If this is not important then I don’t know what is.

Our children.

I remember I watched the lecture about the startups by Paul Graham the father of Y-Combinator. At one point of the lecture he said:
“Starting a successful startup is similar to having kids, and that it is like a button you press that changes your life irrevocably. And while it is honestly the best thing in the world — having kids.”

You shouldn’t give birth to a child until you can raise them to become creators.

And you can only do so by becoming a creator yourself. I want to raise a child who is better than me. I believe that it is the ultimate purpose of any parent. I can only do so by besting myself every day. I want to be a human worth following not just a “self-reproducing bio-waste”.

Our friends.

I was blessed with friends. I don’t have many and I learned that there can’t be many.

Our partners.

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Service to others.

Helping others is what will make you feel exceptionally good and is actually matters. Proven in practice. I had a privilege to have organized several volunteering events to collect money for hospitals and orphanages. I can say without a doubt, it gives you a feeling incomparable to any other.

Final words.

Being young unfortunately has an implication of being stupid. However, youth is a shortcoming that dissipates fast. Too fast, I would say.

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