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I know that I haven’t posted anything for a while on Medium. My apologies.

For those who are still out there reading — I am not dead 😄

I want to thank you for the words of support that you send me. They make my day and keep me inspired.

The thing is that there were some changes in my workflow that made me stop posting daily.

I realized that I am not a fan of flooding Medium with senseless writing chewing the same old gum one after another. Listicles of success such as “10 steps to be an awesome human every day” or “7 things that successful people do and your loser’s ass don’t”. I had enough of them.

I tried Medium. I like the Fam.

But I want to put there some quality content which can only be produced by me doing things.

There is nothing in writing really that makes people read, I figured. That is the person behind the words. A ghost between the lines.

I am writing a book. So that keeps me super busy and drags me away from blogging.

But I will make it done one day (which I hope will come sooner rather than later).

I made a couple of new experiments to myself which I am sure will be interesting to share and hopefully interesting to read.

I promise to keep you posted.

Until then…

Take a good care of yourself, my friend. Keep grinding. I pray for your wellness.

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