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Recruiting 101: 3 steps to create a perfect candidate profile

What is PAC model and how do recruiters create a profile of a perfect candidate.

This article will explore 3 elements of the process that recruiters use to create a perfect candidate profile (this is the first step before writing a job description).

  • A — Human Capital Assets
  • C — Culture

1. Productivity date.

Essentially, the productivity date is the date when the company needs and a new hire to be able to assume 100% of his responsibilities and become fully operational.

2. Human Capital Assets

Human Capital Assets are the economic value that the new hire embodies and represents in a professional context for the potential employer.

  • Prior work experience
  • Technical skills
  • Social capital (e.g. professional network that the new hire can bring in — important for sales roles)
  • Foundational skills (communication, writing, collaboration)
  • Qualities that employers value (integrity, hard work ethic etc.)

3. Culture

Company culture can be defined as a set of unique workstyles, shared values and goals, emotional environment, attitudes and practices that characterize an organization.

Case Study

Let’s imagine two companies.

1. Productivity date.

  • Abseto has just lost a single BDR they had. They need someone to assume the responsibilities and become fully operational ASAP.
  • BioDraw does not have such urgency. They need to scale up, but they are also interested in finding candidates who would be able to grow with the company ideally becoming someone who will be able to do as much as the COO himself.

2. Human Capital Assets.

  • For Abseto, the requirements can be lower than what they would have under normal circumstances. They are more looking for the right ingredients in a person. Although previous experience with the software they use in-house is preferable, it is not vital. They know that a new hire can be educated on the job. However, he needs to have some industry-specific knowledge.
  • BioDraw hires in anticipation of growth. They will be looking into candidates that have substantial career capital (rare and valuable skills). Since the new hire will have to negotiate with scientists they must be able to speak their language, hence an MS or Ph.D. degree would be a relevant education asset.

3. Culture

  • Abseto is operating in the construction industry. They’re dealing with some blue-collar workers. They will need a BDR who would be comfortable working in such an environment. He must also be heads-down, focused, and results-oriented.
  • BioDraw is a startup. They need someone who is fast on his feet and can wear multiple hats. A startup culture assumes that sometimes you have to engage even if the task is outside of your scope of responsibilities. Due to the company specialization, a perfect candidate must be heavily science-oriented.

Key points

  • PAC model is a very practical tool that recruiters use to create a perfect candidate profile.
  • Although PAC can be universally applied, the specific conditions of the hiring process may vary and that will affect how the hiring decision is being made.
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