My Mission

Chengeer Lee
3 min readSep 15, 2023
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What is my Mission?

🌊 To be the wave

I throw this question into the darkness of me and the same answer arises over and over again.

  • To be devoted to my own awakening.
  • To touch gently those who are ready to wake up.

What else matters?

What else can be more important than one’s self-realization?

And I don’t want to use the word Awakening too much. It has been overused that it lost its meaning.

Truth Realization.

This is what it truly is about.

All and every problem in the world exists because humans are oblivious to the Truth.

  • We have wars, racism, and discrimination because we are under the illusion that we are different from each other
  • We struggle with self-conflict because we are under the illusion of personhood
  • We have problems because we believe ourselves to be persons — persons with problems

Why there are so few who can see the Truth?

  • Because these few were the only ones who were sincere in their search.

Why does nobody want to know the Truth?

  • No one knows.

Apparently, this is the path of a human.

Our path to Realization must lie through suffering. When we suffer deeply we start to investigate the nature of our suffering. That investigation pushes us to scrutinize and understand the nature of our own minds.

But again, not everyone. Only a few will have the sincerity to arrive.

Our time is short.

To realize who we truly are. To truly ground ourselves in the present moment. To understand the nature of the mind. To learn how to bend it to our will and not be bent by it. To shed the shell of the ego, and let our light shine.

The ego is a dream, and most humans are daydreaming.

Can you imagine what you can create, how much lifeforce can be unlocked for you, if you are not spending it on projecting the false ego?

How much time and life energy you can now invest into things that are way more amusing and interesting?

Not that you should.

But you certainly may.

Bits of Truth are everywhere:

Genesis 1:27 So God created man in His own image

Everyone is a God.

An omnipotent creator.

Behind that illusory concept of Self manufactured of the mind lies infinite creativity.

Human potential is wasted on maintaining the ego, catering to all the whims and wishes of the mind.

A being unrealized is a being that is inhibited.

A being that is self-realized is not someone who has something that others don’t have. On the contrary, they are missing what everyone has — the massive mental structures of false beliefs built from nothing.

The unawakened create and maintain their past, their future, their systems of meanings and importance. An awakened is free from that. He sees things for what they truly are. He sees the mind for what it truly is.

Thought. Memory. Time.
Layers and layers of illusions.

What is my Mission?

I can’t even call it a Mission.

The word “my” indicates the presence of the Ego which is on some Mission — some sort of quest or crusade, aspiring to get somewhere.

The word “Mission” indicates that there is something to do, something to accomplish.

But there is nothing to do.

Nowhere to go.

Nothing to achieve.

A Tree has no goals in life.

A River doesn’t flow in order to reach the Ocean.

They just are.

This is their natural mode of being.

I don’t want to change the world. Once I am gone it will change back.

I have nothing to sell. If I was selling it, it wouldn’t be Real.

All this is about is Integration.

It took me two years to get to the point of spiritual experience.

It took me another 10 to understand what to do with it.

What is my Mission?

  • To be the water
  • To flow where I must without resistance
  • To walk the frictionless path
  • To destroy the sand castles of ignorance, relentlessly, wave by wave
  • To be inevitable like a tide
  • To be ruthless like a tsunami
  • To be still in my depth
  • To contain the whole ocean in a single drop
  • To remember that one day I shall return to the Source



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