Meditation. The single practice that will change your life forever

I have been practicing meditation for 4+ years. Here is what I learned.

Lesson #1. First times you will fail. And that’s ok.

Lesson #2. The poison decreases mindfulness and makes you chaotic.

Lesson #3. Stay persistent.

One day during my meditation my thoughts had stopped.

This is the most important lesson that everyone should learn through the practice of meditations:

Lesson #4. You are not your thoughts

Lesson #5. Stay present.

Lesson #6. Tame your Ego.

You will die.

You are not important.

You are a fool.

You are not the label.

Lesson #7. We are all the one.

Lesson #8. There is no easy way.

Lesson #9. The Enlightenment is not the goal.

Some practical tips.

Skipping your meditations is ok.

It’s ok to move.

Don’t do it hungry.

Don’t eat meat.

Sit comfortably.

Let go

Final words.

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