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Meditation. The single practice that will change your life forever

I have been practicing meditation for 4+ years. Here is what I learned.

I started my meditation journey after I passed Sparta. I was following my coach Anton on SNS and watching his videos where he emphasized the importance of meditations in his morning routine.

God, that seemed like forever.

I couldn’t resist the temptation to peek a couple of times on the times with my half-closed eyes. The signal just wouldn’t go off. My friends arrived and saw me sitting on the floor with my eyes closed and laughed at me. I laughed at myself too. I might have looked like a fool sitting with a proud face like a Buddhist but still trying to take a sneak peek at the timer. And that was the

Lesson #1. First times you will fail. And that’s ok.

When I first started my mind was an “insane ape running towards the cliff”. Insomnia was a normal thing for me because all of my thoughts were relentlessly buzzing in my head and stinging me provoking for new thoughts.

Lesson #2. The poison decreases mindfulness and makes you chaotic.

On the other hand, the mindfulness that you forge by practicing meditations helps to observe and control all of the essentially neurotic behavior and fight addictions like smoking or drinking.

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Lesson #3. Stay persistent.

Gutta cavat lapidem

A water drop hollows a stone

I was a robot. I rented out myself to meditations. I still didn’t know what was going to happen but I made a decision to discover.

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One day during my meditation my thoughts had stopped.

I stopped thinking. That was an unbelievable insight. I had no thoughts but I still was there. Who was that “I” who was still watching?

This is the most important lesson that everyone should learn through the practice of meditations:

Lesson #4. You are not your thoughts

After that day I started the transition to a new mind become obvious.

I woke up.

I stepped into the Space of Silence. There is a problem with communicating meditation to those who don’t practice.

Lesson #5. Stay present.

I learned how to stop my thoughts at will. I learned that the thoughtless state can be easily reached by the awareness of breathing. Everything became my meditation. I made a habit to yank myself and come back to my breath walking on the street, doing chores, and even during the deep work at the task at hand.

Lesson #6. Tame your Ego.

I still suck at it. I know that oftentimes I slip into the ego and I get possessed by my thoughts losing the present moment but the awareness of my flaws is what is helping me to fight them on a daily basis.

You will die.

Everyone will die. Everyone you love will die.

Nothing really matters.

On the bright side— everyone who wronged you in life will die too 😈.

You are not important.

Staying in the middle of the crowded street, meditating and being present you will understand that if you disappear nothing will really change. The Earth will not stop revolving. Even those who hold you dear will mourn temporarily. Time is eternal. You are not.

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You are a fool.

Your eyes can see a small percent of the electromagnetic spectra that we call a visible light.

Stay humble.

You are not the label.

We put labels all the time. This is how our mind works. A Muslim, a Christian. A professor, a student. A woman, a man. A Russian, an American. When I redefined for myself what I learned as a kid from Oscar Wilde:

To define is to limit.

The understanding of what I truly am behind the scene of words I learned:

Lesson #7. We are all the one.

If you please, for me this is the concept of God.

We are all the One — a conscious nothingness without a shape, form, not bounded by space and time.

We all carry it inside and many of us forgot how to enter this space. I was knocking the door for years just to discover a shocking truth.

I was knocking from the inside.

Lesson #8. There is no easy way.

If you are somewhat like me and find yourself keen to dive deep into the rabbit hole this is what you learn in the process. There is no easy way to get anything worth getting.

The shortcut is the longcut.

Commitment to meditations is hard. It is supposed to be hard. That is the whole point.

Lesson #9. The Enlightenment is not the goal.

It is about the process of constant personal evolution, it is about the person you have to become in order to materialize the self you envision.

The process is the goal.

Obviously, reaching the state of Silence of Mind and being able to hold it for longer periods of time is the ultimate goal, but the overall objective of the meditation is the discipline you have to forge in order to stay still for these prolonged spans of time.

Some practical tips.

Here are some things that I learned during the process. It might be of help.

Skipping your meditations is ok.

Meditations will come and go. It’s fine. Keep going.

It’s ok to move.

During the meditation you will frequently feel the impulses to move, change position a bit, scratch your nose, your cheek, your head, switch the numb legs. It’s also ok. Do it. But do it with a pause and consciously. Be aware of the movement.

Don’t do it hungry.

But don’t do it being full either — you will get sleepy. Eat light food like a couple of bananas just to kill the growl in your stomach which will cause the rise of corresponding thoughts. The point is always just to remove unnecessary distractions.

Don’t eat meat.

There are 8 major reasons why I don’ eat meat. And one of them is for the sake of meditations. Meat “grounds” you and the consumption of it promotes the different anxiety states.

Sit comfortably.

Lotus position is unnecessary. If you don’t possess required flexibility unnatural for your body positions will only distract you from the meditation. However, it is better if your hands or at least fingers touch each other. By connecting them you are sort of encircling the energy in the body. I am not the most competent person to explain the mechanisms behind that I simply share the methods that worked best for me.

Let go

When you lose your concentration point —don’t reprimand yourself in your thoughts, relax and just come back to it. When the thought flies by don’t grab it starting sucking around it and investigating it. Let your thoughts flow.

Final words.

My favorite movie of all times is the “Matrix”. 1999. This is crazy how far ahead of our times this movie was.

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