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Meditations of a Millennial

To you.

Hope this book has found you



What is the meaning of life?

About Life Lessons

My background

What I learned from my father

What I learned from my mother

What I learned from my grandmother

A single life lesson that took me the longest to learn

The 10 commandments in the interpretation of an agnostic

About Education

How to study in the age of technological disruption

About Mosaic and Kaleidoscopic Worldview

The Wheel of Life

Conclusions and next steps


Why I write what I write

About transformation

How to shape your mindset

How to fight negative habits

The three pillars of health


About working out

About the philosophy of fitness




About meat

About milk

About water

About fasting



About personal rituals

About sleep

About early rising

The Wim Hof method

How to be a knowledge athlete


The truth about relationships

Relationships | General Notions

Relationships | Parents

Relationships | Friends

Relationships | Work

How to win people and make friends

About soulmates

About dating

About finding a life partner

About love

About women and men

A letter to my fellow men

A letter to a woman

How to build a healthy relationship

About breakups

About sex

About masturbation and porn


Meditations about environment


About success

About Ikigai

How to make a wise career choice using the MBTI test

About Varnas

About your role in the age of automation

About the Strategy of Life

About Creative Legacy

About business partners

About running a startup

About getting fired

About burnout


About the function of money

About personal finances


About the Mindset of Self-development

About Goals

About Responsibility

About Motivation

About Self-discipline

About Willpower

About Deep Work

About Flow

About Productivity

About Time-management

About Leadership

About Confidence

About Self-esteem

About Assertiveness

About Coaching

About Writing

About Solitude

About Overthinking

About creating your voice


Spiritual Growth

A mindset to read this chapter

About the importance of personal philosophy

About Buddhism

About Stoicism

About Existentialism

About Reality Transurfing

About Karma

About the importance of spiritual growth

About Meditation

About Ego Death

About Death

About Loss

About Hope

Brightness of Life

About Meaningful Life

Final words

Thank you for reading my book “Meditations of the Millennial”.

If you want to support me on my mission, please, share this book with someone you love. Maybe they will find what they seek on its pages.

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