“Here’s the thing: the book that will most change your life is the book you write.”
~ Seth Godin

I don’t remember the exact day when I started to question the world.

Maybe it was the day when I ran into a corner of a steel tennis table in our yard. I was careless, running around completely absentminded. My attention was diverted by something before the impact with the table knocked me back into the present moment. Luckily, I got off lightly with a hole in my face looking like an extra nostril fountaining with blood. I remember myself lamenting in the bathroom: “Oh! God! Why did you punish me like that?” while my Dad was washing my face and Mom was nervously waiting for an ambulance to come and stitch me up. Now, when I remember this day the scar on the left side of my nose lifts up in an odd-looking smile reminding me that in the past the lack of awareness almost cost me an eye.

Maybe it was one of those days when my father was beating some sense into me after I falsified my school grades sheet.

Maybe it was one of those days when the worm of loneliness was burrowing its way through my heart.

I don’t know when exactly I started to question the world. What I know is that I wish at that time someone had given me the book you hold in your hands.

When we are young it seems that the world is extremely complicated. Indeed, it is, but the principles that we can apply to our lives as individuals and still move to the common good as humankind are not. This book is my humble attempt to wrap up these principles in my version of the guide on how a person should think, act and live.

For the most part, this book is written from personal experience and my own 30-year life quest for wisdom scattered among countless beautiful minds. I wrote this book to all kids, teenagers and even adults who feel lost. I wrote it to my fellow millennials who are still trying to figure it out. I wrote it for Generation Z who are at the very start of their journey. I wrote it to that boy who was standing in the bathroom crying and bleeding 25 years ago. I wrote it to my future children who are yet to arrive on this planet — children who will one day come to me and say: “Dad, I have a question…”

As I write, I am re-teaching myself all the things I have learned. This is the condensate of all my life knowledge and the knowledge I absorbed from many lives I have been fortunate to touch.

I apologize to you in advance for all the places where my writing sounds like an instruction. I am an educator by nature, so my narrative style has been largely defined by my psychology. Instead of instruction, I would much prefer to have a conversation with you.

Let’s talk like old friends about things that both of us are interested in and as a friend, I ask you to be forgiving and patient. Through this book, I send you my appreciation and goodwill. Thank you for being here with me.

Shall we begin?

Thank you for reading my book “Meditations of the Millennial”.

If you want to support me on my mission, please, share this book with someone you love. Maybe they will find what they seek on its pages.

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