Interesting read. Feel really really sorry.

For Mark.


What the hell is the “breakup text”?!

The man is treated you like a queen, you knew he loved you, he wanted to become a father to your little girl and yet you didn’t even show him respect to face him and say: “sorry, that’s not you, that’s me”.

You used “I am more of a writer not a talker” as an excuse.

Don’t get me wrong. I do not attack you, especially considering the hard time you are walking through. And I am not judging. What I write comes from the place of a righteous anger for all the heartbroken men wronged by irresponsible women.

The lesson of this story is not “don’t wait until you grow into feelings” it is “wake up, you are in your 30s, mature up, it’s clear from the first 7 seconds if you want to spend the life with a man or not, don’t waste your and his time”.

Threatening to end your life in a breakup is not cruel. It is stupid. If a man does this, he deserves to die. Natural selection, nothing more.

What is cruel is lying to your partner as a result of lying to yourself, and walking away like this.

Text message.

I can imagine what he felt.

It’s not the fact that you rejected him that angers me. It is the way you did it.

I completely understand you. I know that relationships can be a big mess and it is hard to build a healthy one. I am sure both you and Mark will be happy with someone else.

But I needed to send a message to you and all women who will read this. Your second lesson:

Don’t walk away. Spare the man who loves you so much. Find the strength to meet and breakup in person. You will thank yourself and he will be thankful for it later.

Take a good care of yourself and your baby daughter. Wish you the best.

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