Impostor Syndrome doesn’t exist

Chengeer Lee
4 min readNov 1, 2023
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There is no such thing as Impostor Syndrome.

Notice this.

What you call Impostor Syndrome is what you use to describe a feeling that is caused by an entanglement of thoughts.

All these thoughts buzzing and interchanging so fast they seem like a solid white noise:

💭 I am not good enough

💭 What if they criticize me?

💭 What if they think I am dumb?

💭 What if they judge me?

💭 What if I say something that will hurt my career?

💭 I am a fraud

💭 I am not an expert

Write them all down.

For as long as they are in your head, it’s just noise.

Once you capture them on paper you create distance between you and your thoughts.

After you’ve done that coach yourself through writing.

Address every single thought separately.

→ Good enough for what exactly? Good enough for who?

→ What criticism are you afraid of? What is the worst thing they can say?

→ Why do you care what they say? Who are these people whose opinion impacts you so much?

→ Who are they to judge? What did they achieve in life to have credibility/authority in your eyes?

→ What is the worst thing that can happen if you try? If this becomes your reality what would you do?

→ ARE you a fraud? What are your guiding principles in life? How can you harm others really?

→ Why do you think you need to be an expert? Do you know anyone who considers himself an expert? How are they thinking about their craft? Is there an opportunity for you to model some of their mindsets?


Once you have scrutinized every thought and belief, ask yourself:

Is there an opportunity for you to reframe this?

Examples of alternative frames:

✔ I don’t need to be good enough. I just need to be better. Better than me yesterday. Kaizen. Continuous improvement.



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