“I don’t like selling myself!”

  • If you believe you are a confident person, you behave confidently.
  • If you believe that you are shy, you will be shy in social situations.
  • If you believe that selling yourself is something bad, you will be avoiding the behaviour that stems from that belief (reaching out to people and presenting yourself).
  • Your behaviour is driven by things you believe are true for you. If the behaviour doesn’t move you toward your desired state, change your thoughts.
  • Your ability to sell (create opinions and influence perceptions) is determined by your system of definitions.
  • In job-hunting, there is no such thing as Sales. Only conversations to find a mutual fit.
  • You have Inherent Value. You can maximize your Value by living a life of purpose.
  • There is rejection, only redirection.



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Chengeer Lee

Chengeer Lee


Talent Acquisition @ CaseWare | Life Coach | LinkedIn: @chengeer