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How to shape your mindset

There were times when I was thinking that the whole world is against me. I thought that my life is falling apart.

Sort the things out.

The ultimate driving force for any person is a desire to be happy, an aspiration to live a joyful and meaningful life so the first step towards rewiring the whole system of your beliefs is understanding that there are things that bring you closer to your dream life and those that do not i.e. effective mindsets and poor.

  • Who do I know it from?
  • Is that an objective truth?

Attitude towards people.

Mindset A:
All people are egoists. Everyone just wants to get rich and make their life better using others. Everyone wants to stab me in the back. The world is a cruel place.

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Attitude towards yourself

Mindset A:
I am ugly and nobody likes me. I am worthless and have no skills. I don’t love myself. I don’t like myself. I don’ respect myself. I am a loser.

Ok, so what?

What is changing in your life while you so thoughtfully nurse your negative self-talk? This mindset automatically assigns the status of a victim to you. It cuts off all the internal channels of energy that can be used for change. You feel weak and uninspired.

Attitude towards life

Mindset A:
This planet is a prison. Life is hard and we are here to get our punishment. Life is pain and a struggle. We need to fight our way up climbing the ladder of success.

  • Effective mindsets open the valve of internal creative energy. Ineffective mindsets cut the energy off.
  • Effective mindsets lead to actions and help to gain momentum. Ineffective mindsets lead to idleness and leave you lingering in inertia.

What you are — you attract.

Rich people become richer. Success serves as a magnet for further success. Health attracts more health. And vice versa.

2 questions that will change your life

There is an extremely efficient trance exercise that resolves a lot of inner pain if done right. We don’t need to fall into trance in order to get a good use of it. It uses two simple questions that you have to ask yourself a countless number of times:

  • What is important?
  • Love and relationship
  • Health
  • Creating value and making money by doing what you love
  • Leaving a legacy
  • Feeling weak because of lack of physical activity. Dissatisfaction with my body.
  • Relationships with people who dragged me down, slowed me down on the way to my goals and didn’t help my growth.
  • Collecting stuff that doesn’t add up value to my life.
  • Wasting time on useless activities. Not being wise with my time.
  • Chronic depression.

Transurfing of reality.

Do you want to become a magician?

Not the “Harry Potter” style but a real one.

Do you want to learn the art of materializing your wishes?

There is a model called Transurfing of reality. Briefly, Transurfing is the model of the world that allows you to shape your reality and materialize your wishes. It is not perfect but extremely practical. The whole model is described in the series of the books “The Transurfing of Reality” by Vadim Zeland.

Final words.

Building up your mindset is not an easy task and it shouldn’t be. Take your time and learn what beliefs make you the most efficient and importantly the happiest human being.

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