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How to recover from a burnout

7 steps I took to reignite myself

There were times when I was burned out. I was working too much on the job that wasn’t intellectually challenging and didn’t give me a sense of fulfillment. I was tired from routine. Probably all of my closest people would have said to me that I looked tired.

You are not the person I used to know.

Yes. That is kind of crap that I used to hear. I learned that these people are full of shit.

Step 1. Step back.

When things got messed up I had to stop moving. I had to understand where the things went wrong in the first place.

Step 2. Admit the status quo.

The first step in solving the problem is admitting that the problem exists.

Step 3. Take your time

It is important to learn how to withstand the test with pause — the period of time where nothing is happening.

Meditate. Stay still and just BE.

This might be a bit counter-intuitive, but if you stand in the center of the room and literally passively do nothing it would be hard to do stay still even for 10 minutes.

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Step 4. Do new things. Do uncomfortable things

Clean your house.

When you are cleaning your house you are cleaning your mind. Personally, I think it is a perfect first step towards any change you decided to implement in your life. Purify the energy around you and no doubt you will feel better.


Every object has an information structure on it. Let’s take something simple. A pen for example. When you look at it the whole datasheet of information pops up in your head. You think: “It’s a tool. It has a blue ink inside. I can write with it. I can even poke someone with it etc.” The information unfolds itself but it does so fueled by your energy of attention.


Reading people who write better than I do — this is how I start my morning. Most of them make me smile, some of them make my day.


I can’t sort out the mess in my life if I don’t organize the things on the paper. The constant buzzing of the self-talk in the head at times could be overwhelming.


When you work out your body synthesizes endorphins whose essential role is to serve as a natural painkiller. The feeling of emptiness that accompanies the burnout induces negative self-talk which in its turn may cause depression.


One of the best things that I did was that I turned off all notifications for the apps on my phone. Surprisingly, the world didn’t stop revolving. Some of the apps can be deleted at all. Overall this single step alone will liberate you.

Spend time on nature.

Reconnect with the inner Source. Come back to the deep understanding that you are who you are regardless of the storm you are going through. Nature teaches us that everything is temporary and it reminds us that we tend to exaggerate the importance of many things.

Spend time with people you love.

They love you too. They will support you and tell you that no matter what happens in your life they will stay by your side. Don’t be embarrassed to rest in their love, recover from your wounds and regain your energy. There will be days when you will need to be there for them too.

Step 5. Set a new goal

The difference between the person who has “fire in his eyes” and the one who doesn’t is in the goal that sets on fire. The energy that fuels you comes from your mission which is similar to the potential energy — the distance between you and the goal and the scale of it, that what defines the scale of you as a person.

Step 6. Start executing and gain momentum.

Stillness gives birth to doubts. The movement leaves no space for them. Start doing things, at first maybe even mechanically.

Step 7. Look back.

Lastly, when your doubts still pop up, don’t forget to look back and evaluate your progress.

The goal is not the end point, the goal is the process.

It’s ok to feel fear and have self-doubts. It is only natural. What is not ok is to let them control you.

You have been through quite some shit. You have made it this far.

There will be enough of you to make just one more step.

Just take one more fucking step.

When I start to feel burnout I remind myself of the scene in “Skyfall” when Bond meets the villain Silva.

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Burnouts happen. Fuck them.

“Whatever life throws at me, come at me bro, I am ready!” That should become your mindset.

Wherever you are, whatever you do right now. I know you are tired. It’s ok.


To all those people who gave up on me in the moment of my weakness, to those who said “You lost your fire” I salute:

Watch me.

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