How to quit smoking

Oh well well…Quitting smoking, huh? I guess I am not that kind of guy who tells others what they should do rather I would like to share with you my story, which can become my little contribution, a little puzzle in your mindset to get rid of those ‘lil bastads’. But here is the list of things that I did and it worked for me. I was weak and I became strong. So can you.

Remember your beginning

You know how I started to smoke? I was stupid. And let me tell you, I bet that is the most widespread reason among all of them out there. I was 15, and I had big plans about my upcoming summer, but I got a surgery similar to the one I had at the age of 7, and doctor forbid me all of the physical activity whatsoever.

Well, I said, if I am not allowed to do any sport activity I am going to destroy myself, and enjoy the funny feelings that come hand in hand with the consumption of alcohol and nicotine. Of course there were people who introduced me to these drugs. There are always “friends” nearby. Trust me. If I could go back in time, I would give myself the biggest bitch slap in the human history.

I don’t know your story. I don’t know what hardships did you have or do you have in your life. But whatever you are experiencing smoke is not a helper. We as social animals tend to unconsciously mimic or follow people around us. Smoking is not a stress removal, it is just a big lie. Just don’t.

So I was falling…

There were many and many years of persistent self-destruction. If I would persevere like so in kung fu maybe now I could knock the nails with my thumbs. I can’t. But I learned something better than kung fu on the way…

There are two ways to change yourself.

You change yourself fueled by inspiration or by despair. And as a hard learner, I made my way from the latter to former. It takes time and a lot of hard work on self-discipline to get yourself to the point when you transform yourself simultaneously inspiring yourself to do so. Anyone can get there.

I also learned that one doesn’t need to have a negative experience to come to realization that it is negative.

Find your WHY

When I was a smoker I used to believe in physical addiction to smokes. I don’t anymore. Now my conviction are different. From my experience people can’t quit because they don’t have a goal. There should be something in front of you, some light in the end of the tunnel, some burning fire, some itch, a Mission. You can’t find it. You have to create it. You can’t find yourself. You have to build the foundation of what will become you.

Cut the bullshit.

We all contemplate about Freedom from time to time. Do yourself a favor. Conceptualize the freedom. Define this word your head. It’s easy. The definition should become crystal clear that the freedom is not doing all of the things you want to do. Freedom is the constant cutting of the redundancies. And believe me, this simple concept is applicable to so many aspects of your life.

Keep your hands and mouth busy.

I know right. That didn’t sound nice. But it is true, and this is the most practical advice I could give to quit smoking. In my case it was a slaying combination of constant push-ups and chewing gum. Mint-candies, apples, and tangerines work amazingly as well.

Visualize the end.

I was a heavy smoker for 6 years. And now it is 6 years since I give up. I am looking back at myself, and it seems like I was a totally different person. I look at smokers around me, and I can’t believe I was like them. You will be there. You will transform. It is the only constant thing in our life. Transformation. Embrace it. Make it a living part of yourself. See the image of your future self, standing on the top of the mountain and filling your lungs with fresh air, eating juicy fruits and vegetables and feeling the every note of the taste, inhaling and feeling the aroma of flowers, and most importantly falling every night in a deep calm sleep, and waking up not crushed, but full of energy and with a huge smile on your face. You have to create a detailed image of how this will happen, because it will happen. Materialization takes time, and depends on the strength of your intent. Bring this image to life. Remember how to become a child again. You deserve that.

Good luck.

P.S. I have an essay for those who have problems with drinking. Maybe you know someone who could make use of it.

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