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What will your business card say?

How to make a wise career choice using MBTI test.

I wish I knew this before college.

sychology is a beautiful thing, it makes the world much more complicated but the application becomes simple.

I learned about Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) test several years ago and I keep coming back to it since then.

In its essence it is a personality test, assigning you to one of 16 personality types.

Of course, it is very hard to generalize 7 billion people to just 16 groups but surprisingly this test delivers results with a very high precision.

The test itself is fast, it will take 10 minutes of your time and you can find it here.

The thing is that we already have some kind of preset of character in the moment of birth. Any mother of two will tell you that her kids were different right from the Day 1.

As we grow up our personalities mature but pretty much at the age of 7–10 we already have a certain personality type that is extremely hard to change.

Our certain qualities become very defined and our strengths and weaknesses become more visible.

What MBTI theory suggests is that we could use psychology in order to make wiser career choices that suit our traits and temper. We need to use our strengths and do what we do best, whereas understanding our weaknesses helps us to develop a strategy to mitigate them.

I am an ESFJ-A. The Provider, the Caregiver or the Consul.

People’s mastery, meeting and understanding their needs is the way I make things happen in my life. Indeed, I found out that jobs that are suggested to me suit me really well, I love doing things that are related to people like teaching, training, and counseling.

I encourage you to take a look on it, as the information on your psychological profile that you will find after finishing the test is very insightful.

MBTI helps you to build better relationships

What surprised me most is that MBTI is also very precise in evaluating the compatibility with a partner and possible differences in the worldwiew that can cause conflicts.

So next time you are choosing your date ask him/her to pass the test. You will learn a lot.

I am convinced that knowing your personality type as well as understanding the relationship dynamics with other types will allow you to design a better life.

Poor career and partner choices ruined many lives. We better be informed and make choices wisely.


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