How to deal with problems in life

The only 3 things that you can do about problems

Burn your problems! 🔥 Haha!

#1. Take preventative measures.

Here is the obvious one. If you are honest with yourself, look back to many of the problems that you have already dealt with in your life. If you are honest with yourself, you can clearly see that a great deal of them didn’t even have to occur had you decided to carefully plan them.

  • Nutrition. Food can heal you or it can kill you. Be mindful of what goes inside your body — this is the closest interaction with the outside world that your body has. Less toxic stuff more ‘green’ stuff.
  • Relationships. Being kind is not just one of many alternative ways of living, it is the most effective one. Kindness and compassion are like hygiene for your soul. The way you treat others is the way you treat yourself. All relationships are in your head.
  • Work. Do your job and do it well. Problems arise when things snowball so an appropriate organization of your workflow and workspace is essential. Notion, Evernote, Dropbox, Google drive —choose your own set of tools to generate a “second brain” for yourself. Use all these great information management systems to create space in your primary brain. Its function is to do creative work so using it as a ‘storage’ is a complete waste of your resources. That is where the feeling of being overwhelmed comes from.
  • Stress-management. Find your outlet. If you don’t take care of yourself you will burn out, and I can tell you from personal experience, being burned out is not exactly a luna park. Do what recharges you: draw, read, write, play music, dance, do karaoke, hike, workout. Feed your soul.
  • Spiritual growth. This aspect is the most important of all. Allocate a block of time that you can spend in solitude. Meditate, read spiritual literature, reconnect with your center. All the major problems arise because we forget who we are. We are not the body. We are not the mind. We are all free spirits.
    The thought is an illusion, and to address the illusion you proceed to the next step.

#2. See the true nature of the “problem”.

There is no such thing as a problem. Problems don’t exist in nature. There are only life situations that occur.

#3. Think like a stoic

Divide all things that matter to you into two circles: a Circle of Influence and a Circle of Concern.

  • Take action (job search)

Let’s summarize

  1. Prevent what you can.
  2. Don’t call anything a “problem”.
  3. Focus on what can be done and channel all your energy into making it happen. Don’t worry about the rest.
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