How I use Reality Transurfing to manifest my thoughts

Chengeer Lee
14 min readFeb 15, 2020

Everything you can imagine is real.
~ Pablo Picasso

Two years passed, but I am still surprised at how much resonance my essay on Transurfing is creating. Clearly, the ideas of Transurfing are fresh for both the Western and Eastern worlds and its simplicity and practicality are exactly what attracts the truth seekers from all over the world.

I have been practicing Transurfing since 2011 and since then not a day in my life had it failed me. It doesn’t matter how many times it proved to be functional, I have never stopped to look at Transurfing at work in fascination.

Transurfing is the best game there is. What can be more fun than choosing your reality and seeing how it unfolds in front of the eyes of the only beholder, main antagonist, and creator — you?

If you are a Transurfer there are several things about Transurfing that you should have understood by now.

#1. You do not create your reality. You select it.

Be it a conscious visualization of the desired variation of reality or a reflection of past negative experience, what you see within your mind you will eventually manifest.

Do you see the world as a cruel tough place full of dishonest people where every man is a wolf to another man? You will receive the experiential confirmation of that. Do you see the world as an abundant place full of radiant and selfless beings who want to protect you and give you a hand on your path? You will receive the experiential confirmation of that as well.

The Law of Manifestation is emotionless. It does not interpret the nature of the thought energy one emits. Regardless of the sign you put in front of your thought, positive or negative, if the energy is there, the materialization of the variation of reality that matches its signature will occur.

Let’s use a movie theater as an analogy to understand how it works.

Our perception of reality takes place from three different angles. You are the observer that is sitting in the auditorium watching the movie of your life that is being displayed on the screen. And you are also the actor that is playing the leading part. Both action and the participation in the action pin down our attention to what’s happening on the screen, they are so captivating that many of us are completely forgetting about the third angle of perception — you are also the person in the booth at the back of the theater who is in charge of choosing what kind of reel is charged into the projector.

And that brings us to the first main point: the movie of life that you witness is the movie that you show to yourself.

#2. Your capacity to navigate between the variations of reality is mostly determined by the power of your internal and external intent.

Before we go further, let me explain my understanding of the internal and external intent.

The internal intent is what you set your mind on. It is the internal resolve to accomplish or achieve something. The key to the mastery of the internal intent is to learn your own unique way of translating this resolve into immediate action. A strong internal intent leaves no room for rumination. It is about pure operation within the framework of a given situation uncontaminated by doubt or overthinking.

The external intent, however, is different. It is an unshakeable belief that everything in your variation of reality is being taken care of by itself. Roughly speaking, external intent is your life philosophy. For obvious reasons, a strong external intent can never be a product of an overnight meditation. A rock-solid functional system of the ways to think about the world and how it operates can only result from countless iterations and normally it takes years to cultivate one.

How to amplify your internal intent.

Strengthening your internal intent is not rocket science. When your external intent is robust and you completely master how to put your trust in the Universe there is very little left for you to do.

Here are the most common methods of sharpening your internal intent:

  • Focus on one step in front of you. Learn how not to hesitate and act in a state of uncertainty. Give your best to the present moment regardless of your concerns about the future. Trust that once you take one step forward the Universe will reveal the options for the next one. It always does.
  • Meditate daily to grow in mindfulness. Only a mindful person is in control of his internal intent and it is true for obvious reasons: here and now is the only moment in which the transition to a new line of reality can take place. A transurfer puts in work to grow in awareness as he understands that awareness is the foundation of the ability to react quickly. The opportunity to choose a new, exciting variation of reality can present itself at any time. You can’t seize it if you are daydreaming.
    Sleeping beings “drift” through reality like willless paper ships. They are not in charge of their direction because they are taken away by the current. Steering through the space of variations requires a strong grip, and that grip is the power of presence.
  • Work hard and give your best. Let the Universe do the rest. In some sense, transurfing correlates with the philosophy of stoicism namely the concept of the Circle of Influence and the Circle of Concern. Understand what goes into first and what goes into second. Do what you can what’s within your power to change and don’t worry about the rest. Train your mind to believe that it is being taken care of.
  • Practice humility. To transurf effectively you must be humble. Through the practice of humility, you understand that it is not your place to control or force reality as nothing good results from such a mental attitude. The most effective way not to escalate importance is to think of yourself as unimportant. First successes at transurfing can make you feel like an all-powerful God but you are not God. You are not the creator of the variations of reality. You are the one who must walk humbly through the doors that are being opened by the creator.

Now there is something that I need to note. I am using the word “God” in my writing quite deliberately but do not consider this word an uncontrolled spillage of some externally borrowed religiousness. Not at all. In the context of Transurfing, consider the word “God” to have a very straightforward meaning — it signifies the infinite space of variations of reality and the higher intelligence that stands behind the laws of operation within this space.

You may call this higher intelligence God, you may call it the Universe, as a matter of fact, you may call it whatever you want as long as it makes sense personally for you within the context of your spiritual beliefs, or else in the absence of such. The practicality of faith, that is and has always been my only concern. And so it should be yours.

How to amplify your external intent.

As mentioned, in the way it works the external intent is very close to faith. And the way a transurfer can grow in his external intent is also similar to the way one grows in faith.

You choose a set of affirmations that make you effective, you program your mind by constant repetition of those affirmations, and you follow-up by doing things that support the new worldview you are trying to mold. Finally, you continue to inculcate these mindsets into your belief system until these beliefs become your second nature. They have to entrench so deep inside your mind that they start to condition your decision-making without your conscious involvement. Training your mind to the extent when taking action becomes a reflex will enable you to react swiftly when the opportunity for a transition to a new line presents itself.

Here are some examples of effective affirmations:

  • My Universe is taking care of me.
  • The world is abundant and full of opportunities. I am constantly being transferred to a more beneficial variation of reality.
  • God stands by my side. He is with me and he is within me. I am surrounded by his grace. I am loved and I am protected. I receive guidance and I am good at reading signs.
  • I am a radiant, beautiful being. Unbound by the limitations of this physical shell. Unbound by the limitations of this constricted thinking mind. Unbound by the conception of time, past memories, and future aspirations. I am a free spirit dwelling in the present moment. I am capable, I am powerful, I am free.

#3. There are factors that must be taken into consideration that can further hinder or propel your capacity to transurf.

There are many things that can drain your energy hindering your transurfing in the space of variations. Here are some of them:

  • Building up importance.
  • Feelings of guilt and self-condemnation.
  • High expectations of yourself and of the world.
  • Constant attempts to control reality. Having a ‘choking’ grasp on reality.
  • Denial. Nonacceptance of the world as it is.
  • Worrying about the future. ‘What if’ mentality. Daydreaming.
  • ‘Feeding’ pendulums with the energy of your attention (e.g. Instagram, cult, corporation, an object of fanaticism)

The number of all the mental traps on the path of a transurfer speaks again for the crucial importance of self-awareness. To be an effective transurfer one must be able to constantly monitor his thoughts and eradicate mindsets that are dysfunctional or harmful. If the body is your temple, then the mind is your garden. Pull out weeds on a regular basis.

Now since we covered the basics of Transurfing I will take a minute to share some examples of how Transurfing works in real life.

My Transurfing experience.

There were many mistakes on the path. And as mentioned, looking back it becomes clear that most of them were associated with the lack of self-awareness. Once I have achieved some tangible progress in growing my awareness through mindfulness meditation, there’s been an upsurge in my ability to manifest thoughts.

Here are some examples of how I used Transurfing to materialize things: small-scale, medium-scale, and large-scale.

Small-scale manifestation.

I remember one day I came to a Starbucks and I saw a fancy black tumbler. I had a spike of a materialistic desire — I wanted to have it. I closed my eyes, meditated for 20 seconds and made an order. I said inside my mind: “Dear Universe, I don’t much care if I have this item or not. But it would be nice to have. It seems practical. Thank you in advance.” There was no craving, no entitlement, just a humble request. And once the request was done I forgot about it.

A week later my wife had a concert. Among some other gifts, she received a Starbucks box. Guess what was inside? The Universe had sent me a gift.

Another time, when we moved into a new apartment, I needed a couple of chairs. I’ve done the same thing —I “placed” a humble request. About a month later I’ve found 2 chairs at the place near our building where people leave used furniture. I am not a scavenger 🤣 but those were perfectly usable chairs so I took them. They served me well while I lived in Korea.

Now one must understand that small things are much easier to manifest. They are not massive and hence do not possess huge “inertia”. The bigger is the “project” you are trying to manifest the longer time it takes and the more energy it requires.

Medium-scale manifestation.

In 2013 I have passed Sparta. I didn’t have money at that time but my intent was firm. In my mind, I have discarded the possibility of failing to get in. I knew I’ll pass this training hell or high water. I borrowed the money but on the next day, the organizers posted the contest for one free ticket for the guy who will get the most reposts of the Sparta ad on social media. By the end of the day, I had more than 200, the guy who came in second finalized with 30+ reposts. The was one thing that brought me to Sparta and later through Sparta — the power of my resolve.

I’ve had an opportunity to test the strength of my intent once again the very same summer. After finishing my Master's degree I said to myself: “No matter how but I will find a way to leave the country.” I couldn’t live back home. I was suffocating. I am sure you are familiar with that feeling — I felt like a grasshopper in a can covered with a piece of glass. You know that if you stay in this environment, no matter how high you jump you will always be hitting an invisible ceiling.

I have a friend with whom we applied for a Ph.D. in Europe. She got accepted. I didn’t. But she had a plan B in her pocket which she offered me — Ph.D. in Korea. I applied and it worked. I left Kazakhstan in Aug 2013. Looking back, nothing would have ever worked out if I didn’t have that resolve to escape. The external intent that my departure is inevitable, and the internal intent — doing all the steps that must be done.

Large-scale manifestation.

I materialized my immigration to Canada in a similar way.

The whole process was a chain of steps that I had to take, and this is what I have been doing since I’ ve made a decision to immigrate— taking one step at a time.

My application got rejected the first time. It didn’t make me doubt even for a second. I didn’t fall into negativity thinking that it is time to give up on this “Canadian dream”, and that it could be a sign that it is not my path. All I thought was: “God is testing my resolve. He wants to see how much I want it. And I will show him.”

In Transurfing we talk a lot about the negative influence of pendulums but you can use the understanding of how a pendulum works for your own benefit. Thus a family is a small pendulum. When the intentions of two partners are aligned their ability to manifest the desired reality amplifies not 2 but 10-fold. The variation of reality to which they can transfer together, none of them can reach alone. Knowing this, I witnessed how my wife served me as a “battery” of some sort, her intention to immigrate was so strong, but the hands that moved the reality were mine. And this is a normality for many couples: the woman is providing the energy, and the man is concentrating this energy into a materializing beam.

Our friends worried about us. They asked me: “But what are you going to do when you arrive? Did you find a job?” I was answering the same thing: “It is God’s will that I go there, he will show me the next steps once I am there.” That is the work of the external intent— give your best to what lies in front of you, and trust that the uncertainty of the path will be unraveled.

Some will say that this is an absolutely foolish approach. But this is what I am. And that is what all of us are. We are fools. All we can do in any given situation is to read signs to the best of our ability and take action to the best of our judgment. The rest is God’s will.

In order to let the higher force work through you, you must surrender and to do that, a certain degree of foolishness but most importantly an awareness of your foolishness is a must. We are foolish in the sense that we are walking half-blind. We never see all variables of the equation, this is a prerogative of a supreme being. We are imperfect and so are our plans. All we can do is to take one step at a time and see how reality is unfolding after each step.

And so it happened. I arrived in Canada and I have found a job that I didn’t even know existed. Or should I say, the job found me? But what’s most remarkable that it found me in 40 days after arrival.

What happened during this time is enough for a separate story but for now, I just want to emphasize one of the core principles of Transurfing put best in the words of Buddha:

If there is an intention, the insight will come.

Reality melts like butter under the laser gun of a strong intent carving out the path for the one who holds the gun. The whole “Red Sea” of obstacles, people and events parts before a man with a strong resolve. Everything becomes possible when you start to believe that everything is possible. But you have to truly believe in the imminence of your success because if you don’t, nothing else matters.

Everything about the future is not real — it is not manifested yet, it doesn’t exist. The future variations are like myriads of unprocessed photo-films — the image is there but it is unrevealed. Unmaterialized. Yet to be an effective transurfer you have to treat it as if the desired variation has already occurred. You should keep working on your mental slide, visualize it, increase its sharpness, and treat it as a given reality because one day it will become one.

Closing thoughts

This article is already too long so the last thing that I want to mention today is a couple of thoughts about failure.

When your external intent is strong it will steer you in the right direction even when it feels like a failure. A feeling of failure is always a result of misperception. We tend to misjudge the situation when we are inside the situation, and that makes us short-sighted.

A perfect example would be being unemployed.

Every rejection might feel like a failure whereas from the Transurfing point of view you are never rejected. You are being redirected. And that is the only productive way to think of something that in close proximity can be perceived as a failure. All you have to do with this kind of situation is to step back, check if you are not escalating importance, and then proceed with the next immediately available step. Keep the final slide in your mind and make adjustments to your intent. You will be where you want to be (even when you don’t know where you want to be). The “wind” of the external intent will fill your sail. It is just a matter of time.

Transurfing does work but it takes time to understand how you can make it work personally for you using what you already know. Like all systems of thought, Transurfing is imperfect. It has its grey areas that can and certainly must be compensated by other philosophies. In my own system of beliefs, the elements of Transurfing, Buddhism, Hinduism, Stoicism, and Existentialism, co-exist in symbiosis. This system is not static. I am learning, I am evolving, and I hope this blog on Medium reflects that.

That’s the way it is. And that is the way it should be for you. Find what works for you. All the rest is irrelevant.

Have fun transurfing.

~ Chengeer

Thank you for reading this essay.

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