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Anyone can find success in meditation. The thing is that a meditation is a tool to incinerate all of the things that you are not. It sweeps out the mental garbage such as wrongful conceptions on negative habits. Drinking and smoking peel off if you stay consistent with you practice.

Meditation is a path of freedom as it redefines the word “freedom” itself. Freedom is not total permissiveness of your mind to do whatever it wants. Freedom is eradicating of the redundancies. Once metamorphosis is initiated, meditation pushes away everything that is irrelevant to your spiritual evolution.

Many people smoke and drink because of several reasons:

  • #1 group. “Deep sleepers”. Their illusion is so strong that they indulge in negative habits unconsciously following an automated behavioral pattern. Breaking the pattern requires certain awareness that meditation helps to achieve as it trains the ability to detect triggers of the undesired behavior.
  • #2 group. “Mind-trapped” consumers. They understand that it is bad but they still do it because of the mental concepts that they have. They think that they like it. They think that it helps them to relax. They think that they can quit anytime. They think that they don’t have enough willpower to quit. Some think that they are rocknrollas and they need to burn bright, live fast and die young. The key word here is “think”, and meditation helps to eradicate this primary problem — “thinking” or to be more precise people’s inability to disassociate from it.
  • #3 group. They do it socially without a significant reason not to do it. Later they fall in one of the above-mentioned groups and develop a taste for it that hinders its further development.

Hope that makes sense. Thank you for a thought-provoking question. Feel free to drop me a line anytime.

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