Fuck Motivation!

Things about the motivation that better to understand sooner than later

Chengeer Lee


This will be my short essay about motivation. Every now and then I hear questions about finding motivation so it’s time I write about it too.

You want motivation?

Here is one that I particularly like:

Oh, sorry, it was in Russian. Here is the English version for you:

All this bunch of motivational talks/pictures/videos/podcasts is such a big industry of bullshit. All these motivation coaches lie big time about the essential things.

Everyone wants to become successful fast with minimum efforts. If someone tells you can achieve something fast, slap the bastard hard and do the things the hard way.

Do you see questions like this on Quora too?

My answer is:

There is no fast way to succeed.

There is no fast way to earn anything valuable in this life.

You have to earn it. You have to fight for it.

It is hard and it is supposed to be hard. That’s the whole point.

Otherwise, everyone would be a millionaire hanging around and doing nothing.

The amount of hard work in the process, not the end result that what is stands behind the transformation.

The shortcut is the longcut.

The point of meditation is not the enlightenment in the end. The point is in what you experience during your long daily meditation sessions.

The point of the working out is not showing off your result in the summer on the beach. The point is in becoming a strong-willed person who can overcome the pain and laziness in the process of building your body.

The point of reading a book is not only to know its content when you finish the last page. The point is in learning how not to be a shallow reader in the process.

Don’t get me wrong. Motivation is ok.

It will get you started. You may start jogging in the morning, exercising regularly, practice mediations, cutting on bad habits and whatever else.

Motivation will get you through first two weeks and then it will dissipate.

Personal growth is a lifelong journey and there are only three things that will keep you on track.

You want to know the recipe for success?

Here are the ingredients: self-discipline, deep work, and flow.


Read “The Willpower Instinct” by Kelly McGonigal. Learn that willpower is a muscle and you can train it by overcoming challenges. Cherish discomfort. Seek it deliberately. Create your daily routine consisting of uncomfortable things and follow it. Measure your progress and reward yourself when you reach milestones.

Deep work.

Read “Deep Work” by Cal Newport. The ability to intensively process and work with information for long periods of time along with the ability to focus your attention are the skills that we rarer than ever these days. They increase in value exponentially and will ensure your success.


I wrote a separate essay about the state of flow. Please, check it out and let me know what you think. Learn how to summon the state of flow when you need it. Working doesn’t have to be hard it just has to be smart.

Educate yourself on these topics and the knowledge that that you will acquire will become your new motivation.

I wish you luck in all your endeavors.

Screw motivation.
Stay disciplined, work deep, and go with the flow.

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