Building my Coaching Business. Week 2. Chocolate Broccoli and Lead Magnets

Chengeer Lee
11 min readOct 30, 2023
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Some more insights from the coaching call with Ray this past weekend.

  • Chocolate Broccoli
  • Temporary Dip
  • Lead Magnet
  • Core 4 of Advertising by Alex Hormozi
  • How to say NO to clients who are not your ICP
  • Maslow’s Hierarchy of business needs
  • The price of not knowing
  • How to uncover the pain that is not obvious

I am writing this down to process and crystallize this in my mind. Might be of benefit to someone.

1. Chocolate Broccoli

This shit is insightful.

Basically the whole concept of Chocolate Broccoli is about the messaging.

We as service-providers know what they problem is. But if we are solving for the problem our clients are not yet aware of, our message does not connect with them.

In other words:

What our clients WANT and what our clients NEED can be two different things.

Let’s take a look at our potential clients:

  • They think they want XYZ
  • But we know they need ABC
  • However, if we advertise ABC, our marketing does not connect with our clients who seek XYZ
  • And if the marketing doesn’t work the whole business doesn’t work

This was a golden nugget from Ray:

Before the service is delivered you are only as good as your marketing.

That is precisely my challenge.

My clients may perceive their problem differently from the solution that I advertise.

  • They think they are confused and lack Purpose. I know that the problem is the noisy Mind.
  • They think they have Impostor Syndrome. I know that the problem is the noisy Mind.
  • They feel stuck and overwhelmed. I know that the problem is the noisy Mind.

But if I advertise Quiet Mind as the solution, the message does not connect.



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