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Chengeer Lee
8 min readOct 27, 2023
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The inner work I have been doing for the past week pays off.

I have signed up 2 new clients yesterday and they feel very aligned with what I do.

  • One seeks Life Purpose
  • Another one seeks to build Unshakeable Confidence

Both are in alignment with the way I want to position myself as a coach moving forward.

I want to capture the puzzle pieces 🧩 that really helped me to progress in my understanding.

I think these are the major ones.

  • Vision Founder Fit
  • Write to see
  • Reverse-engineer your Life Style.
  • Reverse-engineer your Reputation
  • Seek patterns in the past
  • Find BHAP

Let’s dive in.

1. Vision Founder Fit.

Vision Founder Fit is a concept I have learned in Ray’s Bootcamp. Basically, you as a Founder of your business should be aligned with the Vision in the very beginning of your journey.

  • You build your Vision first
  • You realign everything in your life later

Here is the guiding principle I have picked up from my coach:

Speed is a function of Clarity

The more Clarity you have on what you are building the faster you will move.

This is another reason why coaching works.

Understanding itself takes no time. How much time really do you need to have an insight? The answer is — it depends. Sometimes you will have to spend years of precious life time to get to that depth of insight. A Master Coach can get you there in one hour.

I have invested quite some time into understanding my Vision. I have more Clarity now. What I am building is not the modern definition of success.

Tim Denning gets it.

Tim Denning

He built the whole lifestyle around his own understanding of what Freedom and…



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