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Chengeer Lee
5 min readOct 28, 2023
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I have met my Ideal Client yesterday.

Quick connect.

30 min convo.

She was probably talking for good 28 min.

All the thoughts that were bringing her down just spilled over. Almost like a dam going down. You pull the thread and the mind throws the whole tsunami.

I was smiling (inside) the whole time. Everything that I was able to synthesize through writing on my Ideal Candidate Profile practically manifested itself in the human that was sitting in front of me.

Everything she was saying about herself — I was nodding to each statement. Line by line.


  • VP in Tech
  • All external identifiers of success
  • High title
  • High income
  • High lifestyle
  • High-functioning (obviously)
  • Very strong communication skills
  • + technical skills/industry acumen

Everything is “screaming” success.

But guess what?

She doesn’t feel like success.

She feels the opposite.

Lost. Confused. Directionless.

All her life she wanted to become a VP. Being an immigrant she had to work twice as hard for the place in life she wanted to get in. But now that she was in that position she saw the kind of people she had to deal with.

Long story short. The company got acquired by a PE firm, her old amazing boss that really cared about her left the company, and she got herself a new boss. Yup. The asshole type.

The company went through an immediate business transformation. Many folks were impacted. And even though she was able to stay on board for quite some time, eventually they exited her.

Why am I writing about her story?

Well, first I want to process my own thinking and understand my ICP better since I have an new interesting data point.

Second, probably share a perspective. Every person I work with gives me experiential confirmation of the truth.



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