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Become a Fortress

How to build a strong mind and become unshakeable

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This is a fable about your mind.

❓ Is your house made of straw or is it an impenetrable fortress?

1. Have you ever experienced anything but your mind?

All you have ever experienced is your own mind.

2. You never really know what the objective reality is.

You are the subject experiencing your own perception.

As a person you are in the world.

As consciousness the world is inside you.

The purpose is to establish your Truth about reality through understanding what is absolutely not true about it.

3. You never control the external reality.

Gain absolute clarity on all the things you control and the things you do not control.

4. You have absolute and constant control of your perception.

No matter what is happening around you, you are always in control of the way you respond to your reality.

You can’t build your mind into an impenetrable fortress if you are not aware of what parts of your house are currently build of straw.

You, just as everyone in this world, seek not the peace OF mind. But the peace FROM the mind.

You can’t get out of your head if you are constantly in it.

It brings dysfunctional thinking into the light of your awareness.

Storytime: How I use the concept of Fortress in my coaching practice

Why am I telling you this story?

How many more people are not actualizing their full potential because of some incorrect thinking?

❓ Do you have any practical tips that I can actually act upon?

Let’s wrap it up.

The Big Bad Wolf is the entropy of the external environment.

The house is your mind.

Your mind is your only home.

I’m on a mission to enable 1M humans to actualize their full potential and live a Purpose-Driven Life.



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