“If you express an intention, consider it the intention of God. How then could you doubt that it could be fulfilled?”
~ Vadim Zeland, Reality Transurfing.

Reality Transurfing is esoteric teaching the elements of which may give you a new perspective on the methods of shaping your physical reality and materializing your wishes. The original source is a book called “Reality Transurfing” by Vadim Zeland. In Russian speaking countries, this book became a bestseller and an iconic piece of esoteric philosophy. In fact, it’s not a single book but a series of books that interconnect several Transurfing concepts into one coherent theory.

In a nutshell, Transurfing is a model that allows you to navigate and control reality by teaching your mind to perceive it in a certain way. Many ideas of the Transurfing were known long before Vadim Zeland yet nevertheless this book is very concise, written in a practical language, and it allows its reader to look at the world from a completely different angle.

It is important to understand that Transurfing is not a panacea for all woes. With the intelligent application, Transurfing can and will become a truly powerful tool for mastery of the reality and the intentional manifestation of thoughts. Transurfing works. Proven in practice.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at a brief synopsis of the 12 golden rules of Transurfing.

#1. The Space of Variations.

According to the concept of reality described in Transurfing, the world has an infinite amount of variations and forms of reality. It means that the world can be perceived as an informational structure that contains the infinity of variations of materialization with their individual scenarios and decorations.

The Space of Variations can be imagined as a sort of a tree with an infinite number of branches and their entanglements where each branch (so-called sector) represents a certain possible variation of the reality.

Zeland suggests that our mind travels along the lines in the Space of Variations (the lines of life) as an energy potential and materializes the variation that it is “tuned to”.

So, the first rule of Transurfing is:

#1. The emission of mental energy induces the materialization of a variation of reality.

This rule implies that the thoughts that we transmit unnoticeably transfer us (our material reality, our destiny) to the lines and sectors of the Space of Variations which literally correspond to our thoughts.

Transurfing states that we cannot change the scenario of variation i.e. change the sector of the Space of Variations. However, we can choose another scenario and move to another variation by simply changing the parameters of our transmitter: our thoughts.

We shouldn’t fight for a happy life we just have to consciously choose it.

#2. Pendulums.

In accordance with Transurfing, people who orient their thoughts in the same direction create invisible energoinformational structures that directly affect us in daily life. These structures are called “pendulums” or “egregores”.

Essentially pendulum is sort of a “thought condensate” — a soul of a thing, idea, doctrine, organization, ideology or anything that has admirers, supporters, or followers.

There are many kinds of pendulums. Pendulums can be religious, political, familial, national or corporate. A pendulum can reveal itself during some massive public event, a football game for example. Many material possessions that people assign value to start to have pendulums of their own, for example, a new iPhone or money. Once they appear pendulums can put people that created them under control.

Pendulums don’t have a consciousness. Their sole purpose of existence is to draw energy from the followers. The more massive is the followership that feeds the pendulum with energy, the more powerful is the pendulum. If the number of followers decreases pendulum’s vibrations die out and it dissipates.

Most of the pendulums have a destructive nature because they drain energy from their followers and oppress them. Some stark examples of such pendulums are the pendulums of war, economic crisis, and criminal gangs.

A pendulum sets its followers against other groups inculcating the mindset “we are good and they are bad”. It aggressively accuses everyone who decided not to become a follower and tries either to attract or to neutralize (destroy) him.

It doesn’t matter if you love it or hate it, it doesn’t matter if you fight for it or against it. In both cases, you are swinging a pendulum and it becomes stronger by feeding on your energy. A pendulum doesn’t care if the energy is negative or positive, both energies work equally well.

The main objective of the pendulum is to “hook” you. The means are not important, the goal is to keep you busy and thinking about it investing your mental energy.

The most common method of getting access to your energy by a pendulum is disbalancing you. When you are thrown off balance, you start to “swing” on a frequency of the pendulum allowing it to gain more momentum.

A pendulum can control you with fear, inferiority complexes, sense of guilt, and false importance. For instance, when a pendulum captures your mental energy, your attention gets stuck in a loop and you tune into its resonance frequency: you get mad, annoyed, you feel anger and resent. By doing this you supply your energy simultaneously relocating to the variation of reality where there is an excess of the things you are trying to avoid. You start to have a feeling that things that you afraid of, despise, or hate, chase you everywhere.

You cannot fight a pendulum. There are only two ways to get out of the influence of a pendulum: collapse it or extinguish it.

So, the second rule of Transurfing is:

#2. In order to get rid of a pendulum, first, you need to admit that it exists as well as admit that it has a right to do so. After that, you have to calm down and lose interest toward it — ignore it. By doing so you will deprive it of your mental energy.

When you are calm and indifferent toward it you can save your energy and use it to transfer to positive variations of life. If you start to get annoyed simply “rent yourself out”, step outside of the situation and become an observer, not an active participant.

The extinguishing of a pendulum requires certain mastery. Basically, you have to start doing offbeat unpredictable actions that will cause dissonance and disrupt the scenario of a pendulum.

Of course, not all pendulums are destructive. There are many harmless pendulums such as for example a pendulum of a healthy lifestyle. The pendulum of fitness lifestyle has its gravity, and it is feeding on the mental energy of millions of people. However, energy structures like this are beneficial for their followers both on individual and group levels.

#3. The Wave of Luck.

Transurfing describes the Wave of Luck as a collection of positive lines in the Space of variations. The Cascade of Luck will follow only if you built up the momentum from the first success.

Destructive pendulums will try to lead you away from the Wave of Luck but if you give up the importance you will acquire the freedom of choice.

The third rule of Transurfing is:

#3. By accepting and transmitting the negative energy you create your individual hell.
By accepting and transmitting the positive energy you create your individual heaven.

Closing your heart from external negative energy is not enough. You shouldn’t be a source of it. Close your mind to bad news and open it to good ones. You need to selectively nurture the smallest positive changes and cherish modest victories. Those are the harbingers of the Wave of Luck.

#4. Excessive potentials.

Excessive potentials are created when you give too much attention and value to a particular object or event. Your subjective perception distorts the objective reality assigning exaggerated negative or exaggerated positive attributes to said object or event.

Excessive potentials are invisible and insensible but they play a significant and often insidious role in people’s lives. The equilibrium forces which are targeted to remove the excessive potentials will come into play. They cause massive problems because their action is opposite to the intent that created the potential.

If that is too hard to remember, here is a “cheat-sheet version” of this table:

All of the excessive potentials can be generally described with one word: “importance”. Importance is the purest form of excessive potential and equilibrium forces create massive problems for a person who indulges in it.

The knowledge about excessive potentials can be summarized in the fourth rule of Transurfing:

#4. In order to get in balance with the outside world, have freedom from pendulums and freely fulfill your desires — one needs to reduce the importance.

After giving up the importance, you will immediately enter the state of balance. When you become “empty” the pendulums cannot establish their control over you because they simply can’t hook the emptiness.

Don’t get me wrong. You shouldn’t become an emotionless statue. You can simply change your attitude and refuse to struggle. Keep in mind that you always have a right to decide how much importance you engage.

#5. Induced transitions.

The concept of Transurfing implies that each person manifests a separate layer of the world in which he lives. An emotional response to a negative event induces a transition to a negative line of life pulling you into a pendulum vortex.

By being actively interested in any negative information and emotionally responding to negative news a person subconsciously draws the negativity into his life and at some point, turns from an outside observer into a participant of the “nightmare”. The most common vortexes of destructive pendulums are wars, crises, unemployment, epidemics, panics, disasters etc.

You can prevent dragging yourself into such vortex by applying the fifth rule of Transurfing:

#5. Do not let any negative information into your layer of the world. Intentionally ignore it, deprive it of attention, refuse to engage with interest.

There is no need to actively avoid “the bad things” and even more so you shouldn’t fight it. You just have to stay indifferent: “empty”.

#6. The Rustle of Morning Stars.

According to the theory of Transurfing, materialization moves in the Space of Variations, resulting in what we call life. Depending on your thoughts and actions, certain sectors get materialized.

Our soul has access to the whole field of information and sees what lies ahead in the future sectors that are not manifested yet. The soul knows if the variation is good or bad for us, and its senses are perceived by the mind as a vague sensation of spiritual comfort or discomfort, a so-called “rustle of morning stars”. This type of knowledge we call Intuition and it can greatly help us in life.

The sixth golden rule of Transurfing states:

#6. It is necessary to listen to the state of spiritual discomfort. If you have to persuade yourself, then the Soul says “no”.

While making a choice or a decision, listen to the quiet inner voice of your Soul. It will help you to avoid getting on negative lines of the Space of Variations and advise you on how to make the right choice.

#7. The Current of Variations.

Zeland identifies two extremes of behavior in life situations: floating like a will-less paper boat and stubborn relentless rowing against the current.

In the case of the former, a person sort of “begging for alms” from his destiny. He addresses his requests either to pendulums or to some supernatural forces. In this case, the person liberates himself of responsibility and gets entrapped in internal importance.

If a person doesn’t like the role of the “Requester”, he can choose a second way: to take on the role of the “Unfortunate” always expressing dissatisfaction with the world demanding things as if he was entitled to have them.

As a third option, one can also take the role of the “Warrior” and turn his life into a continuous battle with pendulums and equilibrium forces, trying to change the whole world.

From the Transurfing point of view, all ways seem absurd. Transurfing offers an alternative way: do not ask, do not demand, do not fight. Just go and take it. The Resolve of a Transurfer represents pure intention to choose a goal and start taking steps toward it. In other words, take massive action.

The Current of Variations usually occurs along the path of least resistance. The Space of Variations contains an infinite variety of realities, but it is more likely for optimal and least energy-demanding variations to obtain physical manifestation.

The seventh golden rule of Transurfing addresses the question of how to increase the energy efficiency in our daily lives and reduce the resistance of the outside world. It can be formulated as follows:

#7. In accordance with the principle of moving with the current, everything should be done in the easiest and simplest way.

When you face a choice, your mind makes a decision by applying logical reasoning. However, the mind, being under the pressure of stress, worries, depression or exaggerated importance in the state of constant restless activity, doesn’t always select the best course of action. Often it is inclined to overcomplicate the solution for the problem. Yet the most correct and practical solution always lies on the surface. It is also usually the simplest one.

In tangled and uncertain situations, the best thing to do is to harmonize yourself with the outside world and surrender to the Current of Variations. It doesn’t mean that you must become a will-less paper boat on the waves, you just have to stop pointlessly slapping the water when it’s enough to make short, effective strokes.

While gliding in the Current of Variations you need to calmly accept possible deviations from the desired “scenario”. You should also pay attention to the “signs”. Lines of life are qualitatively different from each other. “Signs” warn us appearing before transitions to another line. They create a feeling that something is not right. For instance, the state of spiritual discomfort is a clear sign of an approaching transition.

#8. The Intent.

Transurfing is like surfing on the waves but instead of waves you surf from one variation of reality to another. The transition to the desired sector of the Space of Variations is realized not by the desire itself and not even by the thoughts about what is desired, but by a firm mental attitude: your Intent.

The Intent is the resolve to own and to act.

An owner of a strong Intent doesn’t spend time ruminating whether the goal is achievable or not. A strong Intent implies that the goal has been defined and the decision to act has been made, so that there is only thing that is left: the action itself.

Zeland describes two types of Intent:

  • The Internal Intent — the intention to do something yourself, with your own hands. It is a resolve to influence the world around you by focusing your intention on the process of your movement toward the goal.
  • The External Intent which is essentially choosing the desired line of life in the Space of Variations. External Intent is sort of giving permission to the desired variation of reality to self-materialize. It focuses on how the circumstances of life align themselves so that the goal becomes a reality by itself.

If we define the Inner Intent as the resolve to act, then the External Intent can be defined as the resolve to own.

The External Intent arises not as a result of an act of will, but as a product of the unity between the soul and the mind. Therefore, it is also called Pure Intent.

In order for the external intent to be realized, it is necessary to clear it of excessive potentials and to conduct a conscious observation of your life, preventing the pendulums from hooking you.

The eighth golden rule of Reality Transurfing can be formulated as follows:

#8. The Internal Intent (your resolve) must be directed toward the unity of the Soul and the Mind. Our wishes are realized by the External Intent: the resolve to own. External Intent is our deep belief and concentration on how the goal realizes itself.

The unity between the Soul and the Mind with respect to the goal or wish is a sense of clarity without words, knowledge without hope, and confidence without hesitation.

#9. Slides.

One of the key concepts in Transurfing is the Slides. A Slide is a product of the imagination: a distorted picture of reality. The vision of ourselves and the world around us is often formed through slides that exist only in our heads.

Slides also appear when you attribute excessive importance to what others think of you. They serve as a magnifying glass of your shortcomings. If the slide is negative and filled with importance, it can transfer you to the sector of the Space of Variations where the negative scenario is manifested in full force turning your life into hell. In order to erase the negative slide, you need to reduce the importance and get rid of your complexes.

The ninth golden rule of Transurfing states:

#9. Create your own positive slide which would be pleasant to your soul and mind. Do not look at the slide as a picture, but live in it, at least virtually. Reassess your slide frequently and upgrade it by adding new details.

Your slide must be yours, not a copycat from someone else’s dream. Put inside the positive slide all things that will bring you happiness: love, good looks, a successful career, health, abundance, meaningful relationships with others.

Positive slides help you to incorporate things that are hard to believe in into your comfort zone. Embrace the luxury of being worthy of all the best things in life. Absorb any information that strengthens the world of your dreams.

Affirmations are an example of audio-slides. They include repetitions that align your thoughts with a certain goal and serve as self-programming for success.

While repeating affirmations, it is important to feel and experience what you are saying. An affirmation must be specific and positively formulated. You need to adjust the parameters of your thought transmission as if you already had what you wish.

#10. Visualization.

According to Transurfing, the focus on the goal, the final result, extends the comfort zone (a zone of what we can mentally afford). Whereas the Intent is the concentration of attention on the moving toward the goal.

You are driven not by the goal itself but by the Visualization of the process of moving toward the goal.

If the path to the goal is known, it can be broken down into separate stages and then the new objective is to concentrate attention only on the current stage.

The tenth golden rule is formulated as follows:

#10. Visualization in Transurfing is a vision of the process of manifestation of the current stage on the way to the goal.

In other words, you need to direct your thoughts in a certain way: to think about the current stage, to imagine how it is already happening, to enjoy it and to be interested in everything related to it.

Don’t worry if you don’t yet see the way your goal will be realized. Continue to quietly and systematically visualize the slide. When the goal will completely enter your comfort zone i.e. will stop seeming impossible, the External Intent will reveal an appropriate solution.

#11. The Soul Fraile.

Each soul has its own individual so-called “star” sectors: the variations of reality with complete self-actualization. To get there, you need to stop your attempts of being like someone else, stop attempts of repeating another person’s scenario, and to recognize the magnificence of your own individuality. You have to be daring to turn your mind toward your unique soul. Don’t be afraid to break stereotypes of pendulums that impose programs like “do as I do” and “be like everyone else.”

The soul of each person has a unique individual set of attributes that characterize it: The Soul Fraile. It is implicit and it is hidden under the masks of the conceptual mind.

When your mind is tuned to the Soul Fraile, you are satisfied with yourself, you love yourself, you live with pleasure and you do what you love. It is a Shine — your inner light. This is the secret of charming beauty, charisma, and attractiveness of a person: the harmony between the soul and the mind.

Pendulums try to take us away from this harmony, setting their standards of prestige and success because their favorite food is the energy of discontent, envy, fear, and resentment.

So, the eleventh golden rule of Transurfing sounds like this:

#11. Your Soul Fraile is the Holy Grail within you. In order to tune your mind to your Soul Fraile, you need to convince yourself that your soul is worthy of love in the first place.

Take good care of yourself, pay attention to the slightest movements of your soul. Dare to ignore the stereotypes of pendulums and allow yourself to own your magnificent individuality.

#12. The Goals and Doors.

One of the biggest misconceptions imposed by pendulums is that you need to fight for happiness. They sway you to think that you have to struggle, persevere and overcome many obstacles in order to win your place under the sun.

According to Transurfing, happiness exists only in the moment here and now, on the current line of life, or it doesn’t exist at all.

Finally, the twelfth golden rule of Transurfing goes as follows:

#12. Happiness comes during the journey to Your Goal through Your Door.
Your Goal is something that gives you real pleasure, a feeling of joy, a feeling of a Feast of Life.
Your Door is the path toward your goal on which you feel fascinated and inspired.

There is only one way to find your goal: drop importance, turn away from the pendulums and start listening to your soul.

Thinking about your goal, you shouldn’t think about its prestige, unapproachability, and the means to achieve it. Pay attention only to the state of spiritual comfort.

Answer the questions: What does your soul want? What will turn your life into a feast?

Achieving one main goal will cause the fulfillment of all other wishes, and the results will exceed all expectations.

Transurfing warns us about the danger of choosing someone else’s goal. Pursuing another person’s goal is always an act of violence against yourself, coercion, a duty. Someone’s goal may show up in the disguise of fashion and prestige and can lure with its inaccessibility.

The path to someone else’s goal is always a struggle.

Moving to someone else’s goal always keeps a feast in an illusory future. Achieving someone else’s goal brings feelings of disappointment and emptiness, not happiness. False goals are imposed on us by the stereotypes of pendulums. It is necessary to break stereotypes and set your mind free from them.

If you want to achieve your goal in order to prove something to yourself and others, then it is not your goal.

If you made a decision in your mind but your soul feels uncomfortable, then again, the goal is not yours.

Soul discomfort is a feeling of a burden that is hard to notice as it sinks in the background of optimistic reasoning of the mind.

So, the basic principles that the Transurfing suggests:

  • live by the dictates of your soul;
  • bring the soul and the mind into harmony;
  • do not yield to external influences that impose other people’s goals;
  • do not fight with anyone or anything including yourself;
  • use what life offers you;
  • be afraid of nothing;
  • choose your path and act consistently, and everything will turn out.

Certainly, Transurfing does not pretend to be a complete picture of the world. For example, it does not reveal the nature of the Soul, the idea of why we came to this planet or the further existence after death.

Many concepts in Transurfing are already known to us under different names. For example, the concept of excessive potentials and equilibrium forces recall karmic laws whereas the slides and intent remind us of the Law of Attraction. However, the existence of Transurfing only confirms once again the existence of the universal laws by which our world operates. Regardless of how you may call them, there are certain elements of Transurfing that proved to be practically valuable. The principles of Transurfing can help you to instill peace within, bring order to your reality, and make your wishes come true.

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