About Mosaic and Kaleidoscopic Worldview

“Who owns the information, he owns the world.”
~ Rothschilds

The terms of “Mosaic” and “Kaleidoscopic” worldviews were coined by Constantine Petrov, former KGB general. He introduced these terms in his lectures about the Concept of Social Safety — a subject that was previously taught exclusively within the scope of a training program for Russian spies. These lectures were open-sourced several years ago and still remain undiscovered by English speakers. The ideas that he explores in his lectures could make up a separate book. General Petrov died and his teachings were not heard by millions as he intended. I just want to cover two concepts that in my opinion are crucial to understanding the world and should serve as the cornerstone of education. I hope that this section will inspire you to further study KGB materials that were disclosed online.

A person with the Kaleidoscopic worldview possesses the fragments of knowledge but fails to connect them into a system. That is exactly how the conventional education system works. From Day 1 of school, there is a separation of school subjects. Children attend a math class, then they go to social studies, then they have a science class, and lastly probably PE. A class where someone would explain to children how to connect all knowledge received during the day into one coherent system doesn’t exist.

As the student advances in his studies the separation of the subjects is further enforced — the student starts to study chemistry, biology, physics, world history, home country history, geography, calculus but still doesn’t possess tools to interconnect existing and newly obtained blocks of information and systematize them into a sound sensible worldview. His timetable and as a result his knowledge resembles a Facebook news-feed — scattered clusters of information with no or weak semantic relationships between them. By the time the student has to enter society and face real life he is so confused, he may feel lost. His knowledge is unusable because of its dysfunctional organization. Although overall his erudition could be broad, the lack of structure impedes its application.

The Mosaic worldview is a complete opposite. The Mosaic worldview implies an education that starts with fundamentals. In this model, the first thing that a student is taught is how to use semantic bonds to connect learned concepts so that, as he proceeds with his studies he was able to assemble his worldview as a mosaic using fundamental principles. He learns how to place the next provided piece of information so that it fits organically into an existing system adding up to the big picture. Mosaic worldview trains an ability to dissect the world into a combination of multiple co-existing layers. It is like looking at all things through the prisms of different subjects along with a simultaneous understanding that the world itself is indivisible and should be perceived as such.

The 3 fundamental principles that bind all the knowledge about the world into a single system are:


The world consists of Matter. Matter contains Information. People use Measure to describe both Matter and Information. Suddenly, looking at things that way allows us to see that all of the concepts taught in school fall into a certain category.

Matter is the energy that is manifested in different densities and states which are studied at multiple levels by biology, geology, physics, and chemistry.

Matter can store Information. Stored on different types of a medium it is studied in subjects such as literature, computer science, history, paleontology, anthropology, biology.

Matter and Information are studied using Measure. People developed the concept of time and advanced in mathematics to gauge the transformation of the matter and harness its capability to store information.

Every physical object can be discerned using these three concepts. The book that you are holding is information encapsulated in a material matrix and the way information is encoded in it can be measured by the number of letters, words, pages, their order, and the time you need to process it.

Your body is matter. From a biological standpoint, you are a result of countless evolutionary iterations and a biochemical machine. From a chemical standpoint — you are an ongoing oxidation process and a bunch of molecules assembled in a peculiar way. From a physical — you are a cloud of energy particles or a wave or both.

Your body confines information. Your nervous system is an electrical circuit possessing an electromagnetic field that is as unique as your fingerprint. Your body harnessed the data about the skills and movement patterns it trained. Your mind is a one-of-a-kind compilation of unprecedented life experiences. All of the information stored in you can be measured, written and organized into data-sets making sense of which is only limited by computational capabilities of the existing technology.

Matter, Information, Measure. Why aren’t we taught this in school?

The current structure of the education system is not a coincidence. With closer examination, it becomes apparent that the education system was deliberately designed with a specific purpose to educate people in such a way that would promote the development of a kaleidoscopic worldview. The reason why the knowledge is given to people in a scattered and disorganized way goes back to ancient Egypt and can be found in Egyptian pyramids. Those pyramids represent a pyramid of power and a flipped pyramid of knowledge.

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In ancient times, high priests were at the top of the hierarchical pyramid possessing the power to rule the society and having access to all available knowledge. Even the pharaoh was just a pawn in their hands playing his role for the public. The whole power game was hidden behind the scenes. The principle that the high priests used to control common people and maintain their power was rather simple.

Dīvide et imperā. Divide and rule.

It is well known that this principle was used to establish control over a country by sabotaging it from inside and seeding separatism in order to break it down into smaller bodies which are easier to rule. In a similar way, this principle was used for the division of knowledge. Ancient Egyptian priests thoroughly controlled the process of fragmentation of the knowledge they possessed making sure that lower levels of society have access to only a small part of these fragments and remain unable to interconnect them into a coherent system. People stayed slaves for centuries.

As time went by, the nature of work became more sophisticated so the ruling class was forced to share more knowledge with the working class. Pieces of scattered knowledge started to leak down to lower classes allowing common people to slowly elevate themselves further in the pyramid of power transitioning from the domain of manual workforce. The pyramid of knowledge started to flip.

Up to date we still deal with the system that ensures the development of the kaleidoscopic worldview. Take a look at the backside of a one-dollar bill and you will find an illustration of the pyramid of power with the all-seeing eye on top. The eye represents the ruling class that possesses all of the knowledge. The motto below says: “Novus Ordo Seclorum” which is Latin for “New Order of the Ages” — the order in which common people are ruled by depriving them of the holistic knowledge about the world.

However, progress is unstoppable. Everything changed with the appearance of the Internet. We entered the Era of Information. The knowledge that was previously reserved only for the top leaders of the countries and leaked occasionally now became accessible to almost everyone in the world. The flipping of the pyramid of knowledge entered the final phase. It could be less than a decade until all people on the planet will have equal access to the whole knowledge of humanity. The ability of lower classes to level up in the pyramid of power will only be limited by their ambitions and their ability to constantly learn. The pyramid of knowledge will soon become a square — an order of society where everyone “knows” everything.

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The understanding of these two concepts and perceiving the world as an integrated system is crucial for self-education, self-development and overall effective operation in this world.

It is true that the meaning of life is in the life itself, however, the quality of a person’s life depends on his ability to control, trade, learn and process new information.

I hope you agree with me that the future where all of the collective knowledge of humanity belongs to all people of the world and is accessible from any point on the planet is the future that can arguably be considered bright. We will enter the Era of Abundance within our lifetime and it will happen even sooner if everyone will make a conscious choice to become a conductor of the ideas that will get us all closer to it.

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Thank you for reading my book “Meditations of the Millennial”.

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