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About mental resilience

A guide for job seekers on how to stay centered in the time of a pandemic

#1. Identify your pressure factors

#2. Sort

#3. Take immediate action

Motivation can never be a product of inertness.

It is always a product of momentum.

#4. Find your anchors

#5. Reframe.

Life is not what is happening to you.

Life is what you perceive.

#6. Unplug.

Infinite mindset provides calm confidence. For example, if I were to tell you there is going to be a massive snowstorm or a massive hurricane, you are right it’s gonna be awful. It’s gonna shut down the work, it’s gonna hurt a lot of companies. But we know how to deal with hurricanes, there will be a short-term hit, and we know how to ride it out well.

Most of us live 70–80 years old. Now imagine if we lived for a thousand years, this would be like the 6th or 7th pandemic that we faced in our lives. We know it is gonna hurt, but we know it is gonna be over. We know there’s gonna be a pain but we know how to prepare for it.

So this is what infinite mindset provides — it helps you see what we are going through now not as the end but rather as a part of the journey.

Key points.



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