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About mental resilience

A guide for job seekers on how to stay centered in the time of a pandemic

Lockdown. Day 60.

  • I have been laid off
  • I have been burned out
  • I have had a suicidal depression
  • I had a startup
  • I have failed the startup
  • I wrote a book
  • I can fast
  • I am an immigrant
  • I am a workout junkie

#1. Identify your pressure factors

Things stop controlling you when you bring them to the spotlight of your attention.

#2. Sort

Step 2. Divide all the things that you have written down into two categories:

  • Things that I can’t control

#3. Take immediate action

There is something everyone must understand about the nature of motivation.

Motivation can never be a product of inertness.

It is always a product of momentum.

If self-discipline is your old friend, you might be able to motivate yourself and then begin the task (but then again, when there is discipline, motivation is never a problem).

  • Go for a morning walk.
  • Organize your home.
  • Organize your phone.
  • Organize your files.
  • Organize your thoughts. (Writing/Journaling)
  • Have a day off of digital fasting. (Shut down all your devices and let your mind rest).
  • Read books that make sense.
  • Exercise.
  • Meditate.

#4. Find your anchors

Identify the things that are giving you a sense of stability and a sense of meaning.

  • Is it learning and acquiring new knowledge and skills?
  • Is it connecting to people? Or reconnecting with nature?
  • One to develop yourself
  • One to be creative

#5. Reframe.

Take methodical actions to reprogram your mind.

Life is not what is happening to you.

Life is what you perceive.

Utilize the magic of reframing.

  • Follow the routine.
  • Have lunch and breaks.
  • Finish on time.

#6. Unplug.

Willpower and energy are finite resources.

Key points.

  • Identify your pressure factors
  • Channel the energy of your attention only to the things you can control
  • Take immediate action (begin first, motivation will follow)
  • Find your anchors — things that give you a sense of meaning
  • Build your routine around those things and follow it
  • Create a positive narrative for everything that is happening in your life
  • Recharge your batteries
  • Adopt an infinite mindset. This too shall pass.
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