“If you think we can’t change the world, it just means you are not one of those that will.”
~ Jacque Fresco

My apologies if two previous sections left a bitter aftertaste. Our mortality is a hard pill to swallow but we must take it as it is also a cure for purposelessness. Thinking about death is unpleasant but necessary.

To make it up to you, I want to change the vibe and end this chapter on a positive note. I want to talk about something refreshing — something that always helped people to rise from darkness making them look forward to a bright future. I am talking about hope.

Regarding the spiritual, physical, and economic well-being of humankind, I put my hope in technological progress. Let me explain.

Computers have changed the way we produce work and collaborate. I am writing this book using a word processor and Dropbox while listening to music on YouTube. This software is the core of my writing toolbox. A decade ago, such workflow was unthinkable. Twenty-five decades ago, when the first typing devices started to appear, the way I create my book would have been considered witchcraft. The level of comfort in producing all sorts of originative work is unprecedented, and that results in the lower entry barrier of creative industries.

Other technology brought to us by the progress causes controversial reactions. Let’s take AI and robotics. Potential threats or a way to liberate humanity from mundane matters? I am not here to argue about either point of view. I just want to draw your attention to one fact: ubiquitous automation that was made possible by AI and robotics will continue to disrupt manual labor making it obsolete at a rate we aren’t aware of. That, in turn, will cause the demonetization of goods further increasing the comfort of life and inducing appreciation of creative work. As a result, more and more people will be keen to explore the paradigm of what it means to be a creator.

But what fascinates me the most is that we will finally witness something truly astounding. The ever-expanding coverage of the Internet and steadily declining prices for mobile devices will bring the long-awaited universal access to free education. We enter the era of knowledge economy when having a smartphone and Internet access is a sufficient condition for learning to take place. People will be undergoing personal evolution elevating their minds to the level of zealous truth-seekers at a pace limited only by their ability to learn. We will see the rise of new minds — billions of inquisitive searching minds.

I am excited to be a part of the future in which the pyramid of knowledge is finally turned upside down. My personal goal is to facilitate the distribution of knowledge that would help people to achieve more productive and more fulfilled lives. And so I write in hopes of being of service to those who, like me, search for a meaningful life.

While our living standards and collective intelligence continue to improve, there is no guarantee that we will also develop spiritually. Automation is eliminating jobs, and by doing that deprives people of the main source of meaning. The crisis of meaning that now people experience only locally will eventually threaten us on a global scale. This brings me to the main point: each one of us has a duty to fight his own war inside his soul and come out victorious. Everyone must emerge with an understanding of his higher purpose, only then we will thrive unitedly as humankind.

If we, people of Earth, fail to bring all our spiritual and philosophical belief systems to a common denominator, the aftermath of the crisis of meaning will be devastating. We must come to the realization that regardless of the spiritual path we have chosen to follow as individuals, ultimately, all paths lead to one God.

I have a dream.
I believe that one day I will wake up in an awakened world — a world, in which every human being is aware of the fact that he is not his thoughts.

Imagine a world in which every child is trained to silence his thinking mind at will because we succeeded to implement meditation as a part of school education. Imagine a world in which all conflicts are timely extinguished because both sides have an absolute awareness that all the differences they try to overcome are unreal since they all stem from the realm of thoughts. I know that all of this sounds like a perfect utopia but isn’t it the world worth striving for?

As a millennial, I anticipate the day when a massive shift in consciousness becomes a reality, but as an author, my job is to expedite its arrival. I want my book to be a stone that causes ripples. This book might be a microscopic contribution to the planetary awakening but if it inspires at least one person to embark on a quest for meaning then my work here is done.

“From a little spark may burst a mighty flame.”
~Dante Alighieri

Sad to say, but while I thought about how to finish this chapter, there are still so many things I wanted but couldn’t include here. There is not much I can do. I shall hope and continue to do my work to the best of my ability.

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Thank you for reading my book “Meditations of the Millennial”.

If you want to support me on my mission, please, share this book with someone you love. Maybe they will find what they seek on its pages.

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