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“The great use of life is to spend it for something that will outlast it. ”
~ William James

The Internet is a miracle. It allowed us to do what our ancestors could only dream of — connect the minds of the whole humanity and create a database of our collective knowledge. We live in the age when the entry barrier to this bank of knowledge is unprecedentedly low and it keeps plunging. If previously people were looking for a place under the sun, today people compete for the place on the Internet. Regardless of your line of work, if you are a creator you have to establish your voice in the virtual space.

Creative people govern the dynamics of the online arena. It is they who have the ability to capture the attention of the crowd. Many wish to become thought leaders yet still, creativity and originality remain intangibles that few succeed to develop. So, is creativity some sort of mystic superpower?

“Creativity isn’t magic. It happens by applying ordinary tools of thought to existing materials.”
~ Kirby Ferguson

Kirby Ferguson is the author of the documentary “Everything is a remix” which he generously shared on YouTube. His film and his TED talk “Embrace the remix” offer an in-depth look at the science behind creativity. The ideas that he proposes are indispensable for everyone who has a goal to strengthen the creativity muscle. His key message is simple:

Nothing can be created out of nothing.
People grow their creations from the soil of previous knowledge by interconnecting existing ideas.

“Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while.”
~ Steve Jobs

A man is said to have been made in the form and the likeness of the Almighty. No, I haven’t suddenly converted placing my faith in Christ. However, I believe that this particular thesis deserves our attention. In this sense, everyone is a creator.

Every human being is a bearer of something divine in himself. The power to create is bestowed on every single one of us. We are capable of shaping the reality at will, isn’t that the quality of a godlike entity?

Use that spark of God in you to set the world on fire. Find your own unique way to manifest your creative energy. Share your work with the world as it needs to hear what you have to say. Somewhere out there, there is a soul in search of the light only you can be a source of. It could be your word that will fill the void in a tired heart on the brink of a breakdown.

Are you a storyteller? Tell us the story that will make us laugh, cry, or contemplate, but most importantly tell us the story that will make us remember who we truly are — the Oneness, the inseparable parts of the whole.

Are you a musician? You have a gift to move souls with sound. What can be more beautiful than that? Compose and inspire. Help others to raise their vibration.

Are you a scientist? Brian Green once said: “When kids look up to great scientists the way they do to great musicians and actors, civilization will jump to the next level.” The world is in desperate need of your talents.

Creating a personal brand does require a certain degree of exposure but at some point, you must find the courage to step into the spotlight. The traces you leave on the web shall become your voice. Write your history, build up your reputation, let us hear you roar.

A personal brand is called personal for a reason. It doesn’t matter how much noise is created online, at the end of the day it all comes to the scope of the person behind that noise.

Build a platform and deliver value. Share generously the gifts of your intellect and your spirit with those whose problems await. Touch hearts, change lives, and you shall not be forgotten.

Leave your legacy.

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