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There is probably one thing a man should know about breakups.

Never break up by walking away.

Mature men never disappear running away from the last talk. Women can do that. They can break up with a man by disappearing and ignoring. They think: “He is not an idiot, he will get it”. And indeed, if a man is not an idiot he will.

The Silence exists within you.

It exists within everyone. But the door into it can’t be found as the result of serendipity. Self-discovery is a product of self-development, not the other way around. As I am writing this, I am closing my eyes for a moment feeling a gentle touch of Silence. I am entering the space beyond the words. This space is within reach for everyone. It is your second nature. You are welcome here. And there is something very important that this space teaches you once you are inside of it.

You are complete.

You are not one of two halves. You are One. You are already everything you need to be happy, you are a self-sufficient totality. You don’t need another human being to fill the void. You need to make peace with the void. Yes, you are only a human and breakups can knock you down but they cannot make you yield. Enter the state beyond thoughts and you will see how to become a source of love, not its dependent beggar.

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