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A letter to my fellow men.

Brother, there is something I would like to say.

You are a man on a Mission.

Keep working on your goals even if the whole world is trying to stop you. Sometimes your woman will be mad at you for being too busy. Remember at all times:

A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.

She might be mad for some time if she thinks that you don’t give her enough attention but she will lose respect for you completely if you lack dedication and tenacity of purpose. She will understand your renunciation and restraint the day you succeed. There is no need to make huge sacrifices and fall into self-denial. Find a way to keep things balanced.

Spend quality time.

Within your family, you are the one who must take responsibility for the internal organization. Allocate a certain block of time to have quality time with your lady. By quality time I mean time when you seat in front of each other, look each other in the eyes and talk. No phones. No distractions. Just talk. It could be as little as 30 minutes a day. Suggest making this rule between you two and you will have her gratitude and respect.

Never argue with her.

99% of the fights follow a very predictable scenario. In the end, a woman cries, a man is forced to apologize.

As a man, you have a greater capacity for compromise so in most cases, it will be your responsibility to make the first step toward the peaceful resolution and come up with apologies.

Always start the conversation by accepting her point of view. It is the only viable way to persuade her.

She reflects your own flaws.

A woman is a “mirror” of a man. All the negativity that you get from her is nothing but your own shortcomings reflected back to you and amplified 10-fold. If something is not working in your relationship it is an indication that you have to analyze your own behavior first and then find ways to calibrate it if that’s what’s required to secure a peaceful relationship.

Stop the fight before it starts.

If you know that you made her mad and the “explosion” is seconds away, take the “preemptive strike”. Lift her up in the air and swing her like a little girl. She will feel like one and won’t be able to help it but laugh. Shut her mouth with a kiss, not a counter-argument. Save nerves for both of you.

Keep the fire alive.

Keep surprising her. Your gift may seem small and insignificant but as long as it is something, she doesn’t anticipate it will make her happy. It can be worth a little money but it is your caring that she admires. The unexpectedness is the key. Pay attention to her reaction. If a woman is not grateful for what you do for her, she is not your woman.

Invest in her growth.

The development of your woman must be one of your top priorities. Help her to self-actualize. Not seeing instant results may be discouraging at times but be patient, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Water her with your love and your woman shall blossom. The woman she is meant to become will exceed your boldest expectations.

Remember, a man who chooses a woman who is lower than him elevates her to his level. A man who is with a woman that is higher than him drags her down.

Take care of her friends.

Caring of those she holds dear is a projection of your care for her. Kill two birds with one stone by being a warm host when her friends come visit her. Your hospitality will make her both grateful and proud. Jealousy in the eyes of her girlfriends that she found such a great man is a feeling she will openly enjoy.

Do massage.

Massage is an easy and free way to melt her heart. Learn some good techniques and do a foot massage for her. Trust me, it will remove a lot of stress not only from her body but from your own life as well.

One last thing.

Women don’t fall in love with the richest, smartest, and most handsome men. They simply fall in love with a man who takes care of them.

Money, intellect, and good looks are doubtlessly important but at the end of the day, the most determinative criterion behind the woman’s choice of a man is simply how strong is his aspiration to create the best life for her.

When a man is capable of sincere and thoughtful yet dignified service, it never goes unnoticed by a woman. A woman will turn a blind eye to many flaws in a man for this single quality.

Take care of your woman, exercise patience, and keep learning.

Good luck.

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