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When I came to Canada I knew nothing about job hunting here. I had zero connections on LinkedIn. I had zero knowledge of how to even start job hunting. I had no resume. And believe it or not, I came thinking that I have no skills. Not zero skills of course. I knew I had something to offer, but I never thought that the skills I had have names and are actually something people would want to pay me for.

What I know about Job Hunting I learned everything the hard way. You don’t have to.

My content seems scattered…


Do you want to be a good relationship builder? Today, I will share with you my 3 golden rules of networking that hopefully will help you to gain perspective on relationship building.

Without further ado here are the 3 core mindsets that I use for networking:

1. Earn your right to ask.

This one is the major one. If you did not invest your time and energy in the relationship, and then knock on someone’s door asking for a favor, you gave that person zero incentive to work with you.

“I don’t know you. I don’t trust you. Why should I sacrifice my time for you?”…

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If you are on a job hunt and you do not create content you are missing big time. The beauty of LinkedIn is its organic reach. It’s crazy how many people will see your content if you post quality content consistently.

This is what my friend Fanny Dunagan says about content creation:

“The beauty of content creation is that people know you before they met you.”

And being known is exactly what you want. It’s rather obvious — if you want hiring managers & recruiters to talk to you they should be able to discover you. …


Job hunters ask, “What does philosophy have to do with job search?” For me, the answer will always be, “Everything.”

Your thoughts determine your emotional state. Your emotional state drives your behaviour. You wake up unmotivated or depressed or hopeless and you will have an unproductive day by the end of which you will have nothing done to improve your life situation. …


You know that you need to start building up your brand on LinkedIn. You’ve been writing some thoughts down but can’t find the courage to hit that ‘Publish’ button. You are thinking that people will come and judge you and criticize you harshly.

Well, you are not alone. We’ve all been there at some point. Everyone who is writing on LinkedIn had moments of self-doubt and struggling with impostor syndrome. Today, I want to share several mindsets that you can adopt to hesitate less and create more.

1. We are all writers.

We all write every day. Emails, text messages, your daily journal if you…


No. I am not labelling anyone here and I am not pointing fingers. Everything that you will read here is coming from a place internal — I was the effective job hunter and I was the typical one. I’ve done things that just don’t work (and this is how I learned they don’t). And this is also how I’ve learned things that do work. Things that you can start integrating today in your job hunt to get better results.

With that being said, here is my take on Effective Job Hunter vs a Typical one.


A typical job hunter is…


Writing a resume is still the number one concern for most job hunters so I thought I’d put some tips together. It is not an ultimate guide, just a mental checklist that you can use for stepping up your resume game.

So here are some things you should consider while writing your resume:

Think like a Talent Partner (Recruiter).

Study the Job Description.

Really. The JD is there for a reason. If the JD is done right it is really a JOB description, not a PERSON description. But still, it is your responsibility to read between the lines and discern a so-called “perfect candidate profile”.

Ask yourself a question: “What…


Everyone says that you need to have informational interviews to find a job. But how do we do it effectively?

Well, it all starts with sending a connection request. So the first question is probably: “How do I cold-connect on LinkedIn?”

I was about to write something on this topic (and most likely I will still do) but today Adam Broda made a great post 👍🏼 on point so it pretty much wraps up all the amateur mistakes. As long as you are not making those you should be fine.

So, informational interviews.

When it comes to informational interviews there…


Concept 1. The hiring manager thinks in the language of risk.

When HMs are hiring they want to minimize the risk in the hiring decision. What does that mean? It means that the more information they have about the candidate, his working style, and most importantly the quality of work the candidate can deliver, the more confident they will feel about the accuracy of their hiring decision.

So, when they need to hire someone:

  • They will be looking into their immediate network first. Is there someone in their connection, who has already proven that he delivers on the job?
  • They will ask their team for a referral. “You know the job…

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OK. So you finally have decided to revamp your LI profile. But you don’t know how exactly how to “eat this elephant”. Well like with all elephants, you’ll eat it piece by piece.

I will share my perspective as a Talent Partner/Job Developer/Job Hunter and maybe you would like to go and try out some of those things.

So, let’s go through this from top to bottom.

1. Banner.

Your LI banner is the first thing that people see when they visit your profile. If your resume is like a marketing brochure that you send out to sell yourself, consider your LI…

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