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7 Harsh Truths every new immigrant must accept

Read this if you are a newcomer looking for a job in Canada 🇨🇦

Harsh Truth #1:

No one has been waiting for you here.

Harsh Truth #2

You can do our best and still fail — and it is not your fault.

Harsh truth #3.

You don’t control the things that happen to you.

But you always control how you respond.

Harsh truth #4.

You are not everyone’s cup of tea 🍵.

And that’s ok.

Harsh truth #5

Your past is gone. You don’t live there anymore.

Focus on building the foundation for your future.

Harsh truth #6.

You can’t cheat your way to success.

Playing games is a sign of immaturity.

Harsh truth #7.

The shortcut is the longcut.

Luck is a function of shots taken.

You can’t cheat the grind.

I’m on a mission to enable 1M humans to actualize their full potential and live a Purpose-Driven Life.



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