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10 things I love about Korea

1. Food.

Very unsurprising that one of the best zests of Korea is Korean traditional cuisine. The variety of Korean food is very broad and the quality is extremely high.

Some people say that in terms of food you have to choose the province carefully. The province where I live — Jeollanam-do is famous all over Korea for the culinary delicacies it has to offer.

Pork is a Korean traditional meat, so if you’re a Muslim you should be very well aware of that before coming. Of course, there are plenty of alternatives such as chicken and seafood dishes.

In terms of Korean traditional food Korea is indeed a country to crave for.

2. Nature. Spring and Fall.

See that picture on the top?

That’s how the spring in Korea really looks like. No filters.

The spring and fall are absolutely mesmerizing in Korea. Those are the best seasons to visit Korea, as the weather lets you enjoy the beauty of nature to the fullest. There is no much rain, it is warm and the cool refreshing breeze on a shiny day makes you smile involuntarily.

August and September are golden for visiting famous Jeju-do island, luring its visitors with astonishing beaches where water temperature lets you swim and snorkel for hours without the need to leave the salty sea gently nursing and relaxing your body.

3. Making money.

If you are a native English speaker, want to travel, and earn some cash on the way — Korea is your place.

The entry barrier for teaching English as a Second Language is extremely low. You just have to speak English, have a Bachelor’s degree, and clean criminal record.

Salaries are decent.

Easy money with plenty of opportunities to save or spend in style, it is all up to you.

4. People.

Korean people have some great cultural traits.

They are very friendly to foreigners. Always very willing to help. Although many of them who live outside of Seoul most likely would not be able to speak English, if you’d ask for a direction they will take you by the hand and lead you to your destination.

Koreans are so hardworking. No. SO HARDWORKING.

I admire Korean people.

Everyone is doing his job damn well. Everyone is an expert in his own domain and performs with great professionalism. Bank managers, doctors, nurses, customer service, bus drivers, the list goes on. It feels like everyone is a go-to guy here. I especially love a guy who fixes my bikes. Watching him work is the feast for the eyes.

Dear People of Korea, you earned my deepest respect.

5. Online shopping

This service was perfected in South Korea. Thanks to the size of it, the normal delivery takes just 2 days. I order food, electronics, clothes, well basically everything online, and it saves me tons of time and removes the hassle.

Korea is a heaven for my inner consumerist and hell for my inner minimalist.

6. Internet.

It is fast, reliable and it is everywhere. Theoretically, it can save you a lot of money if you don’t buy LTE internet through provider but I still do.

WiFi is comfortably in every coffee shop, bar, restaurant and even in buses and Seoul subway. Simply amazing.

7. Free water.

Oh wow, that’s a biggie. In other countries where I lived before they charge money for water. In Korea the water is free. The quality is exceptionally good. The dispensers are everywhere, you can come to any cafe, restaurant or public facility and find clean drinking water. God bless Korea!

8. Free food.

Sometimes Koreans serve you free food in the restaurant if you order a lot or if you are a regular. They call it the Service. It’s a cultural thing, and I love it.

Koreans adore foreigners.

With all of their passion about everything western, if you are white, or should I say Caucasian, they will call you to drink with them if you pass by their table on festivals or while traveling. Happened many times to my Bulgarian friend.

If you look Korean they don’t care but get obtrusively curious when I start speaking Russian, and as a result, many times I got my fair share of curiosity and free food. He-he.

Also, there are no tips in Korea. If you leave more money, they will chase you and hand it back. Leaving tips is unacceptable. After Canada, where you can get kicked out from the bar for not leaving tips, Korea feels like a fairy tale.

9. Public transportation.

It works!

There are timers almost on each bus stop, and the buses run with high precision. Buses, trains, planes everything comes on time.

Plane to Jeju-do island from Gwangju is 25 minutes. Take off, orange juice, landing. Just great!

Commuting by boats is a pretty cool experience too.

The good thing about taxi is Kakao Taxi — an app where you can call a taxi, and it will pick you up. You can also track it as it moves to your location.

10. Women

Korean women are the most beautiful women in the world. They are drop-dead gorgeous.

  • They are cute
  • They age crazy slow
  • They are fashionable
  • They are well-mannered and well-educated
  • They have strong family culture

“Say no more! I want to come to Korea!”

Wait a second. Not everything is a sweet candy. There is something you might want to know before coming here.

Here is my list of the things I dislike about Korea.

Sorry to everyone offended, nothing personal.

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